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Obesity and asthma
Asthma and obesity have a considerable impact on public health and their prevalence has increased in recent years. Numerous studies have linked these disorders. Most prospective studies show thatExpand
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EAACI position paper on occupational rhinitis
The present document is the result of a consensus reached by a panel of experts from European and non-European countries on Occupational Rhinitis (OR), a disease of emerging relevance which hasExpand
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Asthma and exposure to cleaning products – a European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology task force consensus statement
Professional and domestic cleaning is associated with work‐related asthma (WRA). This position paper reviews the literature linking exposure to cleaning products and the risk of asthma and focuses onExpand
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Needs and opportunities for research in hypersensitivity pneumonitis.
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) develops after inhalation of many different environmental antigens, causing variable clinical symptoms that often make diagnosis uncertain. The prevalence of HP isExpand
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Chicken serum albumin (Gal d 5 * ) is a partially heat‐labile inhalant and food allergen implicated in the bird‐egg syndrome
Background: Chicken serum albumin (α‐livetin) has been implicated as the causative allergen of the bird‐egg syndrome. However, the clinical relevance of sensitization to this allergen has not beenExpand
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Overall asthma control: the relationship between current control and future risk.
BACKGROUND Asthma guidelines emphasize both maintaining current control and reducing future risk, but the relationship between these 2 targets is not well understood. OBJECTIVE This retrospectiveExpand
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Accidental allergic reactions in children allergic to cow's milk proteins.
BACKGROUND Cow's milk is the main cause of food allergy in children. Patients allergic to food frequently experience accidental exposure. There are few studies analyzing this problem, most of themExpand
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EAACI position paper: irritant‐induced asthma
The term irritant‐induced (occupational) asthma (IIA) has been used to denote various clinical forms of asthma related to irritant exposure at work. The causal relationship between irritantExpand
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Coexistence of asthma and allergic rhinitis in adult patients attending allergy clinics: ONEAIR study.
BACKGROUND Several studies have shown links between the upper and lower airways in allergic patients. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of rhinitis in patients with allergicExpand
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Phenotypes and endotypes of uncontrolled severe asthma: new treatments.
Severe asthma is a heterogeneous disease that affects only 5%-10% of asthmatic patients, although it accounts for a significant percentage of the consumption of health care resources. Severe asthmaExpand
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