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Species diversity of marine sponges dwelling in coral reefs in Had Khanom—Mo Ko Thale Tai National Park, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand
  • S. Putchakarn
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of the Marine Biological Association of…
  • 1 December 2007
The species diversity and distribution of demosponges dwelling in the coral reefs, at Had Khanom—Mo Ko Thale Tai National Park on the southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, was investigated, with
Quintaquinone, a Merosesquiterpene from the Yellow Sponge Verongula cf. rigida Esper.
13 merosesquiterpenes, among which quintaquinone (2), 5-epi-nakijiquinone L (3), and 3-farnesyl-2-hydroxy-5-methoxyquinone (4) were isolated and reported here for the first time were isolated.
Redescription of two species of Pseudodiaptomus from Asia and Australia (Crustacea: Copepoda: Calanoida: Pseudodiaptomidae) with discussion of the female genital structure and zoogeography of
The previously unknown male of P. ornatus and the female genital structure of both species are described; the zoogeography of the genus is discussed.
Ecdysteroids from a Zoanthus sp.
A new ecdysteroid, zoanthusterone, has been isolated from a marine zoanthid, Zoanthus sp. Ten known ecdysteroids, ponasterone A, 20-hydroxyecdysone 2-acetate, viticosterone E, integristerone A
The sponge microbiome within the greater coral reef microbial metacommunity
An extensive survey of the prokaryote communities of a wide range of biotopes from Indo-Pacific coral reef environments finds a large variation in operational taxonomic unit (OTU) richness, with algae, chitons, stony corals and sea cucumbers housing the most diverse prokarian communities.
Species Diversity of Marine Sponges along Chanthaburi and Trat Provinces, the Eastern Coast of the Gulf of Thailand
Species diversity of marine sponges was investigated in various habitats along the coast and islands of Chanthaburi and Trat provinces during February to May 2006. Sample collection was conducted
3-Oxoabolene and 1-Oxocurcuphenol, Aromatic Bisabolanes from the Sponge Myrmekioderma sp
The antiproliferative activity of 2–4 was determined and showed an interesting selectivity; i.e., a good activity against HT-29 cells with IC50s in the μM range, but a weak and incalculable toxicity against Hela and normal fibroblast cells.
A new species of Cladocroce Topsent, 1892 (Porifera, Haplosclerida) from the Gulf Thailand
A new sponge species, Cladocroce burapha n. sp. (Chalinidae, Haplosclerida, Porifera), is described from Chonburi province, eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Thailand. The new species can be