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Constraining dark matter models from a combined analysis of Milky Way satellites with the Fermi Large Area Telescope.
This work presents a search for dark matter consisting of weakly interacting massive particles, applying a joint likelihood analysis to 10 satellite galaxies with 24 months of data of the Fermi Large Area Telescope, and is able to rule out models with the most generic cross section, using gamma rays. Expand
Measurement of the cosmic ray e+ +e- spectrum from 20 GeV to 1 TeV with the Fermi Large Area Telescope.
This work has developed an efficient electron detection strategy which provides sufficient background rejection for measurement of the steeply falling electron spectrum up to 1 TeV and shows that the electron spectrum falls with energy as E-3.0 and does not exhibit prominent spectral features. Expand
Fermi LAT observations of cosmic-ray electrons from 7 GeV to 1 TeV
We present the results of our analysis of cosmic-ray electrons using about 8 x 10(6) electron candidates detected in the first 12 months on-orbit by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. This work extendExpand
Multi-frequency analysis of neutralino dark matter annihilations in the Coma cluster
We study the astrophysical implications of neutralino dark matter annihilations in galaxy clusters, with a specific application to the Coma cluster. We first address the determination of the darkExpand
Discovery of a 3.5 keV line in the Galactic Centre and a critical look at the origin of the line across astronomical targets
We examine the claimed excess X-ray line emission near 3.5 keV including both a new analysis of XMM-Newtonobservations of the Milky Way center and a reanalysis of the data on M 31 and clusters. In noExpand
Dark matter and collider phenomenology of universal extra dimensions
Abstract We review the phenomenology of models with flat, compactified extra dimensions where all of the Standard Model fields are allowed to propagate in the bulk, known as Universal ExtraExpand
On possible interpretations of the high energy electron–positron spectrum measured by the Fermi Large Area Telescope
The Fermi-LAT experiment recently reported high precision measurements of the spectrum of cosmic-ray electrons-plus-positrons (CRE) between 20 GeV and 1 TeV. The spectrum shows no prominent spectralExpand
Detecting dark matter WIMPs in the Draco dwarf: A multiwavelength perspective
We explore the possible signatures of dark matter pair annihilations in the nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxy Draco. After investigating the mass models for Draco in the light of available observationalExpand
The detection of diffuse radio emission associated with clusters of galaxies indicates populations of relativistic leptons infusing the intracluster medium. Those electrons and positrons are eitherExpand
Constraints on dark matter annihilation in clusters of galaxies with the Fermi large area telescope
Nearby clusters and groups of galaxies are potentially bright sources of high-energy gamma-ray emission resulting from the pair-annihilation of dark matter particles. However, no significantExpand