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Thickness dependent anomalous magnetic behavior in pulsed-laser deposited cobalt ferrite thin film
Cobalt ferrite thin films of different thicknesses were pulsed-laser deposited onto a fused quartz substrate held at ambient temperature (RT) by varying deposition time. The samples were ex-situExpand
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Unilateral gain of heterojunction bipolar transistors at microwave frequencies
General expressions for the h parameters of small-signal equivalent circuit models for emitter-up and emitter-down heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) are derived. The unilateral gain U isExpand
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Large room temperature magnetization in nanocrystalline zinc ferrite thin films
Zinc ferrite films were deposited on fused quartz substrate at different temperatures using pulsed laser ablation (PLA) and rf sputtering. X-ray diffraction indicated that all the films were singleExpand
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Enhanced magnetization in sputter-deposited copper ferrite thin films
Copper ferrite thin films have been prepared by RF sputtering on quartz substrates. By following successive heating and quenching, it was possible to obtain the films, which showed cubic phase inExpand
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Study of magnetization and crystallization in sputter deposited LiZn ferrite thin films
LiZn ferrite films of composition Li00.5−x/2Mn0.1ZnxFe2.35−x/2O4 with x=0.32 were rf sputter deposited on fused quartz substrates at ambient temperature. The as-deposited films were found by x-rayExpand
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The influence of substrate temperature and annealing on the properties of pulsed laser-deposited YIG films on fused quartz substrate
Abstract Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) thin films were deposited on fused quartz substrate at different substrate temperatures ( T s ) varying from room temperature (RT) to 850 °C using pulsed laserExpand
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Magnetic properties of pulsed laser ablated YIG thin films on different substrates
Abstract Thin films of yttrium iron garnet (YIG) were deposited on single crystals of gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) (1 1 1) and Si (1 0 0) substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). The filmsExpand
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Anomalous variation of coercivity with annealing in nanocrystalline NiZn ferrite films
The sputter deposited NiZn ferrite thin films were studied as a function of annealing temperature. The magnetization showed a monotonic increase with increasing annealing temperature. The coercivityExpand
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Annealing induced structural change in sputter deposited copper ferrite thin films and its impact on magnetic properties
Copper ferrite (CuFe2O4) thin films have been prepared by rf sputtering on fused quartz and silicon (111) substrates at ambient temperature. The as-deposited film is found to be in cubic phase, whichExpand
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Stability of nonthermodynamic equilibrium cation distribution frozen during pulsed laser deposition of Co-ferrite thin films
Co-ferrite thin films were prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique at room temperature, and magnetization was studied as a function of annealing temperature (TA) and annealing time. One set ofExpand
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