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Performance Analysis of Slotted Carrier Sense IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Layer
Advances in low-power and low-cost sensor networks have led to solutions mature enough for use in a broad range of applications varying from health monitoring to building surveillance. TheExpand
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A Distributed Multichannel MAC Protocol for Multihop Cognitive Radio Networks
A cognitive radio (CR) network should be able to sense its environment and adapt communication to utilize the unused licensed spectrum without interfering with licensed users. In this paper, we lookExpand
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Ultra Reliable UAV Communication Using Altitude and Cooperation Diversity
The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) serving as aerial base stations is expected to become predominant in the next decade. However, in order, for this technology, to unfold its full potential,Expand
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LTE in the sky: trading off propagation benefits with interference costs for aerial nodes
The popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles has exploded over the last few years, urgently demanding solutions to transfer large amounts of data from the UAV to the ground. Conversely, a controlExpand
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Deep Learning Models for Wireless Signal Classification With Distributed Low-Cost Spectrum Sensors
This paper looks into the modulation classification problem for a distributed wireless spectrum sensing network. First, a new data-driven model for automatic modulation classification based on longExpand
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Harmful Coexistence Between 802.15.4 and 802.11: A Measurement-based Study
Due to recent advances in wireless technology, a broad range of standards catering to a diverse set of users are currently emerging. Interoperability and coexistence between these heterogeneousExpand
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WLC10-5: Performance Analysis of Slotted Carrier Sense IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Layer
The IEEE 802.15.4 standard defines the medium access control (MAC) and physical layer for sensor networks. One of the MAC schemes proposed is slotted carrier sense multiple access with collisionExpand
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Range and coexistence analysis of long range unlicensed communication
A broad range of emerging applications require very low power, very long range yet low throughput communication. Different standards are being proposed to meet these novel requirements. In thisExpand
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Chirp spread spectrum as a modulation technique for long range communication
Long range low power is a family of technologies promising to connect thousands of sensors to the future internet of things. Within this family of possible technology choices, two different branchesExpand
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Coexistence of Terrestrial and Aerial Users in Cellular Networks
Enabling the integration of aerial mobile users into existing cellular networks would make possible a number of promising applications. However, current cellular networks have not been designed toExpand
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