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Biochemical composition of some red and brown macro algae from the Northeastern Mediterranean Sea
According to results obtained from this study, these macro algae species can be regarded as a potential source for food or the neutraceutical industry.
Seasonal proximate and fatty acid variations of some seaweeds from the northeastern Mediterranean coast
Analysis of the fatty acid composition showed that these seaweed species are very rich in n-3 fatty acids.
Seasonal distribution of coastal mesozooplankton community in relation to the environmental factors in İskenderun Bay (north-east Levantine, Mediterranean Sea)
Mesozooplankton was studied during 2008 in coastal waters of the İskenderun Bay in order to determine seasonal changes in abundance, biomass, community structure and their relationship with
Fatty acid, mineral and proximate composition of some seaweeds from the northeastern Mediterranean coast.
Proximate analysis, fatty acid profile and mineral content were investigated in brown (Cystoseira corniculata, Padina pavonia) and red seaweeds (Laurencia papillosa and Jania rubens). The highest
Seasonal Changes in the Phytoplankton of the Northeastern Mediterranean (Bay of Iskenderun)
Bacillariophyceae was found to be richer than the other groups in terms of abundance and species number and followed by DinophyceAE, while CyanophyCEae, Prymnesiophyce Mae and Dictyochophycee were represented by only one species each.
Elemental composition of seston and nutrient dynamics in the Sea of Marmara
The Sea of Marmara, an intercontinental basin with shallow and narrowstraits, connects the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Data obtained during1991–1996 have permitted the determination of the
Nutrients and phytoplankton in the Babadillimani Bight, northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey
Phytoplankton taxa and abundance were determined and nutrients and chlorophyll a were measured in the Babadillimani Bight located in the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Sampling was
Planktonic dinoflagellates of the northern Levantine Basin, northeastern Mediterranean Sea.
  • S. Polat, T. Koray
  • Environmental Science
    European journal of protistology
  • 21 August 2007
Nutrients, Chlorophyll a and Phytoplankton in the İskenderun Bay (Northeastern Mediterranean)
  • S. Polat
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 July 2002
The nutrient and chlorophyll a concentrations at the inshore station were higher than those at the deep station, and in spite of these effects, the bay is not eutrophicated because of circulation events in the northeastern Mediterranean.