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The study of urban metabolism and its applications to urban planning and design.
Following formative work in the 1970s, disappearance in the 1980s, and reemergence in the 1990s, a chronological review shows that the past decade has witnessed increasing interest in the study ofExpand
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Coupling biogeochemical cycles in urban environments: ecosystem services, green solutions, and misconceptions
Urban green space is purported to offset greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, remove air and water pollutants, cool local climate, and improve public health. To use these services, municipalities haveExpand
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Linking Ecology and Economics for Ecosystem Management
Abstract This article outlines an approach, based on ecosystem services, for assessing the trade-offs inherent in managing humans embedded in ecological systems. Evaluating these trade-offs requiresExpand
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Trees Grow on Money: Urban Tree Canopy Cover and Environmental Justice
This study examines the distributional equity of urban tree canopy (UTC) cover for Baltimore, MD, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Raleigh, NC, Sacramento, CA, and Washington, D.C.Expand
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An expanded urban metabolism method: Toward a systems approach for assessing urban energy processes and causes
The integrated study of energy and urban systems has recently become a critical component of sustainability research and policy. Increasing urbanization of human societies combined with intenseExpand
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Transpiration of urban forests in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.
Despite its importance for urban planning, landscape management, and water management, there are very few in situ estimates of urban-forest transpiration. Because urban forests contain an unusual andExpand
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Energy and material flows of megacities
Significance Our quantification of energy and material flows for the world’s 27 megacities is a major undertaking, not previously achieved. The sheer magnitude of these flows (e.g., 9% of globalExpand
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Nonprofits and Park Provision in Los Angeles: An Exploration of the Rise of Governance Approaches to the Provision of Local Services*
  • S. Pincetl
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1 December 2003
Park planning and development in the Los Angeles metropolitan area offer an opportunity to explore the assertion that "Western cities are now being managed, organized and governed in different ways"Expand
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Urban tree planting programs, function or fashion? Los Angeles and urban tree planting campaigns
Tree planting programs are being implemented in many US cities (most notably New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago) on the basis of the multiple environmental and health benefits they may provide.Expand
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The Reinvention of Public Green Space
Much attention has been paid to preserving land at the urban fringe, and to the negative effects of sprawl and its costs. There is increasing recognition that enhancing green, public open spaces inExpand
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