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Quality of life of ALS and LIS patients with and without invasive mechanical ventilation
QOL was not significantly different between the IV and not invasively ventilated patients, but ALSFRS was significantly lower in the IV group, and comparison of QOL scores between non-ventilated LIS patients who had the same score of dependence thatInvasive mechanical ventilation for patients who accept tracheotomy allows life prolongation and their QOL is not affected; medical teams should be aware of that. Expand
Evaluation of quality of life in complete locked-in syndrome patients
Cette étude met en évidence l’amélioration du taux de réinsertion socioprofessionnelle des cérébro-lésés accompagnés dans leur parcours par la cellule d’insertion professionnelle, via donc une démarche précoce d”insertion. Expand
Evaluation of quality of life in complete locked-in syndrome patients.
QOL in LIS patients was not significantly altered compared to control subjects in MQOL-SIS and in the MCS SF-36 scale; these results match previous studies published in the literature. Expand
Psychological Factors as a Determinant of Noninvasive Ventilation Compliance: Key Practical Aspects and Topics
Noninvasive mechanical ventilation (NIV) is a useful procedure in the management of patients with chronic respiratory failure with hypercapnia. Although NIV can benefit survival and quality of lifeExpand