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Characterising performance of environmental models
In order to use environmental models effectively for management and decision-making, it is vital to establish an appropriate level of confidence in their performance. Expand
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Modelling with stakeholders - Next generation
This paper updates and builds on 'Modelling with Stakeholders' Voinov and Bousquet, 2010 which demonstrated the importance of, and demand, stakeholder participation in resource and environmental modelling. Expand
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Policy and institutional dimensions of the water–energy nexus
Energy and water are interlinked. The development, use, and waste generated by demand for both resources drive global change. Managing them in tandem offers potential for global-change adaptation butExpand
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Integrated assessment and modelling: Overview and synthesis of salient dimensions
We examine the ten key dimensions of integration in IAM including what is being integrated, why and how. Expand
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The energy challenge
Global energy consumption is expected to grow by 50% by 2030, squeezing already scarce water resources. Mike Hightower and Suzanne A. Pierce recommend ways to integrate water and energy planning.Expand
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Aquifer-yield continuum as a guide and typology for science-based groundwater management
Groundwater availability is at the core of hydrogeology as a discipline and, simultaneously, the concept is the source of ambiguity for management and policy. Aquifer yield has undergone multipleExpand
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Making Progress in Integrated Modelling and Environmental Decision Support
Integrated modelling and environmental decision support are increasingly important as society tackles some of the most complex challenges of our generation with impacts on future generations. Expand
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A double‐blind, randomized study to assess the effectiveness of different moisturizers in preventing dermatitis induced by hand washing to simulate healthcare use
Background  Healthcare‐associated infection is an important worldwide problem that could be reduced by better hand hygiene practice. However, irritant contact dermatitis of the hands as a result ofExpand
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Sustained dialogue for ground water and energy resources in Chile.
: Water conflict arises in interconnected ways. As demand increases in one region or industrial sector, the accompanying shifts in water resource management regimes have impacts at the localExpand
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