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Pre-Crime and Counter-Terrorism Imagining Future Crime in the ‘War on Terror’
This article looks at pre-crime in the context of counter-terrorism. Pre-crime links coercive state actions to suspicion without the need for charge, prosecution or conviction. It also includesExpand
Sex Trafficking: International Context and Response
1. Sex Trafficking: Mapping the Terrain 2. Finding Victims: The Search and 'Rescue' 3. In the Pursuit of Justice: The Criminal Investigation 4. Support for Victims: In the Care of the State 5.Expand
Gender, Securitization and Transit: Refugee Women and the Journey to the EU
European Union (EU) Member States have cultivated a legal framework that prevents irregular migrants, including asylum seekers, from arriving in the EU. As external and internal border controls areExpand
Globalization and Borders: Death at the Global Frontier
On the eve of the December 2011 Australian Labor Party (ALP) national conference, the Australian Minister for Immigration, Chris Bowen, wrote an opinion piece published in The Sydney Morning HeraldExpand
Punishment, globalization and migration control: ‘Get them the hell out of here’
This article considers the future of punishment in a world shaped by competing and reinforcing forces of globalization and nationalism. In it, we call for a wider conversation about the growingExpand
Hot Pants at the Border Sorting Sex Work from Trafficking
The role of borders in managing sex work is a valuable site for analysing the relationship between criminal justice and migration administration functions. For the purposes of this article, we areExpand
Trafficking in People, 20 Years On: Sex, Migration and Crime in the Global Anti-Trafficking Discourse and the Rise of the ‘Global Trafficking Complex’
Abstract Trafficking in people has been at the forefront of international, regional and bilateral intervention in the global north for over two decades. During this time, the issue has beenExpand