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Fluctuations in the New Inflationary Universe
The spectrum of density perturbations is calculated in the new-inflationary-universe scenario. The main source is the quantum fluctuations of the Higgs field, which lead to fluctuations in the time
Chern-Simons modification of general relativity
General relativity is extended by promoting the three-dimensional gravitational Chern-Simons term to four dimensions. This entails choosing an embedding coordinate v_\mu -- an external quantity,
Tensor analysis of hadronic jets in quantum chromodynamics
We define tensors in momentum space for the events produced in e/sup +/e/sup -/ annihilation. They are calculable in quantum-chromodynamics (QCD) perturbation theory and therefore can be used as a
Tutorial on Scale and Conformal Symmetries in Diverse Dimensions
We review the relation between scale and conformal symmetries in various models and dimensions. We present a dimensional reduction from relativistic to non-relativistic conformal dynamics.
Conformal blocks for the four-point function in conformal quantum mechanics
Extending previous work on 2 -- and 3 -- point functions, we study the 4 -- point function and its conformal block structure in conformal quantum mechanics CFT$_1$, which realizes the SO(2,1)
Perfect fluid theory and its extensions
We review the canonical theory for perfect fluids in Euler's and Lagrange's formulations. The theory is related to a description of extended structures in higher dimensions. Internal symmetry and