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Novel heterometallic Cu/Cd complex containing a unique polymeric ladder-like anion [Cd2(O2CMe)6]2−n derived from elemental copper and cadmium oxide
Abstract Copper powder reacts with cadmium oxide and ammonia acetate in methanol solution of ethylenediamine affording {[Cu(en)2][Cd2(O2CMe)6]}n in which seven-coordinated cadmium atoms are ligatedExpand
Direct synthesis and crystal structure of zinc thiocyanate complexes with 1,4diazabicyclo(2,2,2)octane
Abstract A direct method of synthesis of zinc thiocyanate complexes with 1,4-diazabicyclo(2,2,2) octane (or triethylenediamine, Ten) is reported. The main peculiarities of interaction of zinc oxideExpand
Structural, magnetic, high-frequency and high-field EPR investigation of double-stranded heterometallic [{Ni(en)2}2(micro-NCS)4Cd(NCS)2](n).nCH3CN polymer self-assembled from cadmium oxide, nickel
A network of weak N-HS hydrogen bonds, involving the terminal NCS ligands and NH2-groups of en, links the infinite chains and results in the formation of an extended supramolecular three-dimensional framework. Expand
A Facile Direct Synthesis of Bimetallic CuIIZnII Complexes with Ethylenediamine Revealing Different Types of Chain Crystal Structures
Unactivated copper metal powder and zinc oxide readily react with ethylenediamine (en) in nonaqueous [methanol, dimethylformamide (dmf), dimethyl sulfoxide (dmso), acetonitrile] solutions of ammoniumExpand
Novel 1D and 2D heterometallic Cu/Cd complexes comprising unique mixed-anion Cd(μ-Cl)(μ-O2CMe)Cl(O2CMe)2−, Cd(μ-O2CMe)2I(O2CMe)2−, Cd(μ-I)(μ-O2CMe)I(O2CMe)2− and Cd2(NCS)6(O2CMe)22- building blocks:
Abstract Three new Cu/Cd mixed-anion solid-state coordination polymers [Cu(en)2Cd(μ-Cl)(μ-O2CMe)Cl(O2CMe)]n (1), [Cu(en)2CdI1.64(O2CMe)2.36]n (2) and [Cu2(en)4Cd2(NCS)6(O2CMe)2]n (3) have beenExpand
Tris(2,2′-bipyridine-κ2 N,N′)cobalt(III) tris(oxalato-κ2 O 1,O 2)ferrate(III) monohydrate
The title compound, [Co(C10H8N2)3][Fe(C2O4)3]·H2O, consists of two discrete tris(chelate) metal ions and a water molecule and the crystal under investigation was an inversion twin. Expand
A new 2D heterometallic Cu/Cd mixed-anion polymer with dicyanamide and thiocyanate bridges formed via the reaction of elemental copper, cadmium dicyanamide and ethylenediamine
Abstract The new heterometallic 2D polymer [Cu(en)2Cd(dca)2(SCN)2]n (en=ethylenediamine; dca=dicyanamide, N(CN)2−), the first example of a compound containing the unique mixed-anion Cd(dca)2(SCN)22−Expand
Heterometallic Ni/Zn amine complexes possessing extended 2D and 3D hydrogen-bonded networks prepared from zinc oxide
Abstract Five novel heterometallic Ni/Zn coordination compounds [Ni(en) 3 ][ZnCl 4 ] ( 1 ), [Ni(en)(Hea) 2 ][ZnCl 4 ] ( 2 ), [Ni(dien) 2 ][ZnCl 4 ] ( 3 ), [Ni(en) 3 ][ZnCl 4 ] · 2DMSO ( 4 ) andExpand
Direct Synthesis of Hetero Bimetallic Complexes
The concept of direct synthesis (the use of metals or their oxides as the starting materials for obtaining coordination compounds) has been further developed as “anion-deficient” andExpand
New One- and Two-Dimensional Heterometallic Cu/Cd Halogeno or Thiocyanato Bridged Coordination Polymers Synthesized Directly from Elemental Copper and Cadmium Oxide in the Presence of Ethylenediamine
Abstract Three heterometallic Cu/Cd complexes [Cu(en)2CdBr4]·dmso (1), [Cu(en)2CdI4]·dmf (2) and [{Cu(en)2}3Cd(NCS)6](NCS)2 (3) have been synthesized by means of an open-air reaction of unactivatedExpand