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Economic burden of cardiovascular diseases in the enlarged European Union.
This study is the first to assess the economic burden of CVD across the EU, and the results should help policy makers evaluate policy impact and prioritize research expenditures, but because of data unavailability, this study has important limitations.
Cost of cardiovascular diseases in the United Kingdom
CVD is a leading public health problem in the UK measured by the economic burden of disease, and the size and main components of that burden are identified to inform decisions about research priorities and to monitor the impact of policy initiatives.
Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Attendance in England: VARIABILITY BY REGION AND CLINICAL CHARACTERISTICS
The participation rate of eligible patients in cardiac rehabilitation was low in all regions and there were large differences between regions with widely varying incidence of attendance in different parts of the country.
The peripheral syndrome of heart failure: the overlooked aspects.
The vicious circle of cardiac dysfunction and peripheral organ dysfunction involves aspects of heart failure that have tended to be overlooked in the past and which have an influence on prognosis.