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Vegetation changes following sheep grazing in abandoned mountain meadows
. Sheep grazing was investigated as an alternative to traditional management of meadows in the Krkonose Mts. Until the second World War these meadows were mown in mid-summer and grazed by cattle forExpand
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Grassland canopy composition and spatial heterogeneity in the light quality
Both vertical and horizontal heterogeneity in red light levels and in the red/far red ratio were measured in a mountain grassland and correlated with the vegetation structure. Vertical change in theExpand
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Within population genetic differentiation in traits affecting clonal growth: Festuca rubra in a mountain grassland
Festuca rubra , a clonal grass of mountain grasslands, possesses a considerable variability in traits related to spatial spreading (rhizome production, length and branching; tussock architecture).Expand
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Species‐specific spatial pattern of below‐ground plant parts in a montane grassland community
1 We investigated the fine-scale below-ground distribution of plant parts in a mountain grassland. Roots and rhizomes were identified to the species level by tracking their connections toExpand
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Is a grassland community composed of coexisting species with low and high spatial mobility?
Patterns of grasslands species mobility were compared between communities and within plant species. Data from high spatial resolution permanent plots with fine scale recording system, experiment withExpand
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Root response to above-ground light quality – Differences between rhizomatous and non-rhizomatous clones of Festuca rubra
Root response to reduced red/far red ratio above ground was studied in an experiment with 12 vegetatively propagated clones of Festuca rubra, a rhizomatous grass species. A new method suitable forExpand
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Horizontal and vertical distribution of root absorption zones of four common grass species in a mountain grassland
Summary • Horizontal distance between shoots and the place of nutrient absorption as a function of depth of the absorption zone was studied using a pointwise application of a non-radioactive tracerExpand
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Clone‐specific response of Festuca rubra to natural variation in biomass and species composition of neighbours
A long-term implant experiment with four clones of Festuca rubra was performed to identify fine-scale spatial variation in a competitive environment within a grassland sward of natural compositionExpand
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Climatic Variability and Grassland Community Composition over 10 Years: Separating Effects on Module Biomass and Number of Modules
1. Data from permanent grassland plots, collected yearly over a 10 year period were analysed for correlation between weather variables and plant performance. Number of modules and mean biomass of theExpand
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Efficient nitrogen economy: Key to the success ofPolygonum bistorta in an abandoned mountain meadow
The dominance ofPolygonum bistorta in abandoned mountain meadows was studied. Successional and seasonal changes in biomass, nitrogen concentration and content were studied at the community level.Expand
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