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Fascism in Spain, 1923-1977
This study offers treatment of all the major doctrines, personalities and defining features of the Spanish fascist movement, from its beginnings until the death of General Francisco Franco in 1977.Expand
A History of Fascism (1914-1945)
Fascism - A Working Definition Part 1: History: The Cultural Transformation of the Fin de Siecle Radical and Authoritarian Nationalism in Late 19th-century Europe The Impact of World War I The RiseExpand
Political Violence During the Spanish Second Republic
Violence became increasingly prominent during the short life of the Spanish Republic, and references to it formed an important aspect of the political rhetoric of the era. Each side of the politicalExpand
The Spanish Civil War
Best-selling author of Stalingrad A comprehensive history of one of the most fiercely fought ideological wars of modern times
The Franco Regime, 1936-1975
Payne discusses the history of the Franco regime - the political conflict from which it emerged, its development during the Civil War, and its fundamental transformation of contemporary SpanishExpand
Twentieth-Century Dictatorships: The Ideological One-Party States
Introduction - The Twentieth-Century Dictatorships' Challenge to Democracy - Analyzing the Ideological One-Party States: Components, Leadership, and Types - PART 1: THE PARTY-STATE TYPE - The FascistExpand
On the Heuristic Value of the Concept of Political Religion and Its Application
The usefulness of the concept of Political Religions (PR) in the modern world depends first of all on the definition of the term ‘religion’. Over a century ago Emile Durkheim established amongExpand