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Navigating Buildings in "Desk-Top" Virtual Environments: Experimental Investigations Using Extended Navigational Experience
Participants learned the layout of large-scale "virtual buildings" through extended navigational experience, using "desk-top" (i.e., nonimmersive) virtual environments (VEs). Experiment 1 recreated aExpand
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Task-Action Grammars: A Model of the Mental Representation of Task Languages
A laboratory experiment was conducted to assess the influence of graphical and color-enhanced information presentation on information use and decision quality in a simulation setting. Expand
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Discretionary task interleaving: heuristics for time allocation in cognitive foraging.
When participants allocated time across 2 tasks (in which they generated as many words as possible from a fixed set of letters), they made frequent switches. This allowed them to allocate more timeExpand
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Navigating Large-Scale Virtual Environments: What Differences Occur Between Helmet-Mounted and Desk-Top Displays?
We used a helmet-mounted display (HMD) and a desk-top (monitor) display to learn the layouts of two large-scale virtual environments (VEs) through repeated, direct navigational experience. Expand
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The Effects of Operator Implementation Cost on Planfulness of Problem Solving and Learning
This paper explores the idea that problem solving search strategies are chosen so as to optimize performance within the constraints of a particular situation. Four experiments are reported thatExpand
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Understanding Calendar Use
  • S. Payne
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Hum. Comput. Interact.
  • 1 June 1993
This article is an interview study of calendar use and a cognitive analysis of the interactions between the design of calendars and the task of prospective remembering. Expand
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The effects of maps on navigation and search strategies in very-large-scale virtual environments
Participants used maps and other navigational aids to search desktop (nonimmersive) virtual environments (VEs) for objects that were small and not visible on a global map that showed the whole of aExpand
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A descriptive study of mental models
Abstract A theoretical discussion of mental models is interwoven with conversational data from an interview study concerned with people's beliefs about the working of high-street bank machines. TheExpand
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Knowledge in the head and on the web: using topic expertise to aid search
The importance of background knowledge for effective searching on the Web is not well understood. Expand
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Collaborative web search in context: a study of tool use in everyday tasks
In the present study, we deployed two collaborative search tools to pairs of searchers with genuine information needs. Expand
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