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A model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis
In this paper we develop a computational model of visual adaptation for realistic image synthesis based on psychophysical experiments. The model captures the changes in threshold visibility, colorExpand
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Time-dependent visual adaptation for fast realistic image display
Human vision takes time to adapt to large changes in scene intensity, and these transient adjustments have a profound effect on visual appearance. This paper offers a new operator to include theseExpand
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High Dynamic Range Imaging: Acquisition
Sulfur-containing impurities are removed from a refined hydrocarbon feed by contact thereof with a porous sulfur-reactive agent having a pore volume of at least 0.15 cc per cc of which at least 5% isExpand
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A multiscale model of adaptation and spatial vision for realistic image display
In this paper we develop a computational model of adaptation and spatial vision for realistic tone reproduction. The model is based on a multiscale representation of pattern, luminance, and colorExpand
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A perceptually based physical error metric for realistic image synthesis
We introduce a new concept for accelerating realistic image synthesis algorithms. At the core of this procedure is a novel physical error metric that correctly predicts the perceptual threshold forExpand
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Spatiotemporal sensitivity and visual attention for efficient rendering of dynamic environments
We present a method to accelerate global illumination computation in prerendered animations by taking advantage of limitations of the human visual system. A spatiotemporal error tolerance map,Expand
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High Dynamic Range Imaging: Acquisition, Display, and Image-Based Lighting (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)
This landmark book is the first to describe HDRI technology in its entirety and covers a wide-range of topics, from capture devices to tone reproduction and image-based lighting. The techniquesExpand
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A Novel Hemispherical Basis for Accurate and Efficient Rendering
This paper presents a new set of hemispherical basis functions dedicated to hemispherical data representation. These functions are derived from associated Legendre polynomials. We demonstrate theExpand
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A framework for realistic image synthesis
Our goal is to develop physically based lighting models and perceptually based rendering procedures for computer graphics that will produce synthetic images that are visually and measurablyExpand
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Caustics Mapping: An Image-Space Technique for Real-Time Caustics
In this paper, we present a simple and practical technique for real-time rendering of caustics from reflective and refractive objects. Our algorithm, conceptually similar to shadow mapping, consistsExpand
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