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Structural, transport, magnetic, and thermal properties of Eu8Ga16Ge30
${\mathrm{Eu}}_{8}{\mathrm{Ga}}_{16}{\mathrm{Ge}}_{30}$ is the only clathrate known so far where the guest positions are fully occupied by a rare-earth element. Our investigations show that, inExpand
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Low-temperature transport, thermodynamic, and optical properties of FeSi
We present a comprehensive series of electrical transport ~conductivity, magnetoresistance, and Hall effect!, thermodynamic ~specific heat, magnetic susceptibility, and magnetization!, and opticalExpand
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Hall-effect evolution across a heavy-fermion quantum critical point
A quantum critical point (QCP) develops in a material at absolute zero when a new form of order smoothly emerges in its ground state. QCPs are of great current interest because of their singularExpand
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Thermal conductivity of thermoelectric clathrates
Transport properties of ${\mathrm{Ba}}_{8}{\mathrm{Ga}}_{16}{\mathrm{Ge}}_{30}$ single-crystalline samples prepared with an excess of Ga are presented. The excess Ga does not only produces p-typeExpand
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Are type-I clathrates Zintl phases and 'phonon glasses and electron single crystals'?
Abstract We discuss to which extent the concepts of Zintl phases and of ‘phonon glasses and electron single crystals’ apply to type-I clathrates. In (β-) Eu 8 Ga 16 Ge 30 the presence of residualExpand
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New type-I clathrates with ordered Eu distribution
Abstract In our search for clathrates containing rare-earth elements we have discovered the three new clathrate-I phases K 6 Eu 2 Ga 10 Ge 36 , K 6 Eu 2 Zn 5 Ge 41 , and K 6 Eu 2 Cd 5 Ge 41 . The EuExpand
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Multiple Energy Scales at a Quantum Critical Point
We report thermodynamic measurements in a magnetic-field-driven quantum critical point of a heavy fermion metal, YbRh2Si2. The data provide evidence for an energy scale in the equilibrium excitationExpand
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Atomic ordering and thermoelectric properties of the n-type clathrate Ba8Ni3.5Ge42.1square0.4.
Single crystals of the type-I clathrate Ba(8)Ni(3.5)Ge(42.1)square(0.4) (space group Pm3n, no. 223, a = 10.798(2) A, l = 30 mm, slashed circle = 8 mm) were grown from the melt using the BridgmanExpand
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Destruction of the Kondo effect in the cubic heavy-fermion compound Ce3Pd20Si6.
How ground states of quantum matter transform between one another reveals deep insights into the mechanisms stabilizing them. Correspondingly, quantum phase transitions are explored in numerousExpand
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Transport properties of composition tuned α- and β-Eu8Ga16-xGe30+x
This paper presents the transport properties of several composition tuned a- and b-Eu8Ga16˛xGe30+x samples where 0.28 x 0.48 for the a samples and 0.49 x 1.01 for the b samples. Among samples withExpand
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