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Evolution of R&D Capabilities: The Role of Knowledge Networks Within a Firm
We propose that the characteristics of individual positions in an intraorganizational network of inventors or intrafirm knowledge network predict the likelihood with which knowledge created by an inventor is used in the firm's research and development (R&D) activities. Expand
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Acquisition Integration and Productivity Losses in the Technical Core: Disruption of Inventors in Acquired Companies
We hypothesize that acquisition integration will be most disruptive, leading to the most severe productivity drops, for those inventors who have lost the most social status and centrality in the combined entity. Expand
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Intraorganizational Networks, Interorganizational Networks, and the Impact of Central Inventors: A Longitudinal Study of Pharmaceutical Firms
This paper proposes that a mechanism through which a firm's location in the interorganizational network influences the firm's internal innovation activities is modifying the amount of information flowing within the firm. Expand
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The Winds of Change: The Progressive Movement and the Bureaucratization of Thrift
This article examines how the values espoused by social movements become entrenched in political culture and spawn many new kinds of institutions, which in turn shape organizations far fromExpand
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Regulatory Focus and the Probability Estimates of Conjunctive and Disjunctive Events
Abstract Prior research has shown that people overestimate the likelihood of conjunctive events and underestimate the likelihood of disjunctive events. We evaluated whether people's regulatory focusExpand
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Microfoundations of Firm R&D Capabilities: A Study of Inventor Networks in a Merger
Taking a cue from a recently evolving stream that calls for exploring the microfoundations of capabilities, we focus on inventor networks to examine how the activities underlying firms' R&D change inExpand
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Organizational knowledge networks and local search: The role of intra‐organizational inventor networks
Research summary: While firms tend to build on their own knowledge, we distinguish between depth and breadth of local search to investigate the drivers of these behaviors. Given that inventors in aExpand
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Investor Perceptions of Financial Misconduct: The Heterogeneous Contamination of Bystander Firms
We suggest that, when one firm reveals financial misconduct, others in the industry suffer lower valuations, but do so heterogeneously. To understand this heterogeneity, we conceptualize suchExpand
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Business Method Patents as Real Options: Value and Disclosure as Drivers of Litigation
This paper proposes that patents are real options that allow holders of patents the right but not the obligation to sue others. We suggest that the likelihood of a patent being litigated isExpand
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The Wal-Mart Effect: Wave of Destruction or Creative Destruction?
Abstract During the past quarter century, large multistore retailers have experienced considerable growth. In this article, we examine the widely held belief that the expansion of these chain stores,Expand
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