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Energetic costs of size and sexual signalling in a wolf spider
A prerequisite for honest handicaps is that there are significant condition–dependent costs in the expression of sexual traits. In the wolf spider Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata (Ohlert), sexualExpand
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Viability costs of condition-dependent sexual male display in a drumming wolf spider
According to the conditional handicap models females use male ornaments as honest signals of male viability. The assumptions for honest signalling are that the traits are costly and that they reflectExpand
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Females are often believed to actively choose highly ornamented males (males with extravagant morphological signals or intense sexual display), and ornaments should be honest signals of maleExpand
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Male mating success and risk of predation in a wolf spider: a balance between sexual and natural selection?
1.  Traits that benefit males through sexual selection are simultaneously expected to impair males by provoking costs through natural selection. If we consider the two male fitness components, matingExpand
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Female choice for male drumming in the wolf spiderHygrolycosa rubrofasciata
Mate preferences in invertebrates have usually been studied with simultaneous choice exper- iments alone, which allows eVective detection of any preferences but does not tell much about the strengthExpand
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Sexual selection in the wolf spider Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata: female preference for drum duration and pulse rate
The unusual form of sexual signaling, the drumming produced by the wolf spider Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata, allows exceptionally detailed studies of female preference patterns against signalExpand
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Honesty of agonistic signalling and effects of size and motivation asymmetry in contests
Abstract Game theoretical models predict that the main function of fighting behaviour is to assess the relative fighting ability of opponents. The sequential assessment game has often been used toExpand
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Restrictive mating by females on black grouse leks
In bird species with pair bonds, extra‐pair matings could allow females to choose genetically superior males. This is not needed in lekking species because female choice is not constrained by pairingExpand
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Acoustic signalling in a wolf spider: can signal characteristics predict male quality?
While there has been considerable interest in female choice for male sexual signals, there have been few studies of the underlying information that different aspects of the signal calls convey. SuchExpand
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Sexual signalling and viability in a wolf spider (Hygrolycosa rubrofasciata): measurements under laboratory and field conditions
Abstract This study examined the crucial prediction of the conditional-handicap theory, the relationship between male sexual trait size and male viability, in the wolf spider HygrolycosaExpand
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