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Molecular characterization of exon 2 of leptin gene in Bos-indicus.
This study aimed to find out the polymorphism in the leptin gene of Nimari and Gaolao bovine breeds by PCR-SSCP of 317 bp amplicon of leptin gene, which revealed SSCP patterns I, II and III in both the breeds. Expand
Comparative Performance Among Different Genetic Groups of Large White Yorkshire Crossbred Pigs
At slaughter age, 75% LWY were found to be slightly heavier than the 50% LWy crossbreds, and the genetic group and year had significant effect on almost all body weights. Expand
Characterization of 12S rRNA gene for meat identification of common wild and domestic small herbivores as an aid to wildlife forensic.
This study showed the effectiveness of 12S rRNA gene polymorphism in meat identification in chital and sambar and can be used as evidence against the poachers to convict the wildlife crime in the court of law. Expand
Identification of MspI polymorphism in the Intron-I of cGH Gene and its association with egg production traits in chicken
It is concluded that the synthetic colored dual type birds with BB genotypes for earlier sexual maturity and higher egg production and Kadaknath birds with AB genotype for higher egg weight may be selected as parents for future breeding. Expand
Association of prolactin gene variants with milk production traits in Malvi and Nimari cattle
The prolactin polymorphism can be used for selection of the cow to decrease the service period in Nimari cattle for future breeding, indicating that the population was not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Expand
Genetic Parameters of Growth and sow Productivity Traits of Large white Yorkshire with Desi and Tamworth with Desi Crossbred Pigs
The present study was conducted to estimate genetic parameters like heritability, genetic and phenotypic correlations among different growth and reproductive traits of LWY x Desi and TMW x DesiExpand
Association of Bovine Lactoferrin Gene with Mastitis in Frieswal Cattle
The results showed that LFT gene promoter was polymorphic among different groups which indicated that its polymorphism was correlated to mastitis infection. Expand
Volume 1 ( 2011 ) 105-108 DNA polymorphism of 3 ’ UTR of Nramp 1 gene in Malvi breed of cattle
The natural resistance-associated macrophage protein 1 gene (Nramp1), which is a member of large family of metal ion– transport protein. Nramp1 gene plays a critical role in innate immunity favoringExpand
Molecular characterization of 3′ UTR of Nramp1 gene in Gaolao breed of cattle.
The aim of the present investigation was to identify the genetic variations in the 3’UTR (Untranslated region) of Nramp1 gene in the Gaolao breed (Bos indicus) cattle, using the technique PCR-SSCP and by sequencing. Expand
Association of TLR4 gene polymorphism with mastitis resistance and susceptibility in Frieswal cattle
The SSCP analysis of 316 bp region of TLR4 gene revealed similar type of SSCP patterns in healthy, subclinical and clinical mastitis cases suggesting that Frieswal cattle is monomorphic for TLR 4 gene. Expand