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XABS2: an empirical absorption correction program
The XABS2 Fortran program calculates an empirical absorption correction based on minimization of the 2 differences between F2obs and F2calc. The basic algorithm has been used in the crystallography
An S = 6 cyanide-bridged octanuclear FeIII4NiII4 complex that exhibits slow relaxation of the magnetization.
Ac susceptibility and mu-SQUID measurements suggest that fast magnetization relaxation is present in zero-field due to quantum tunneling of the ground spin state (QTM) while application of small magnetic fields induces slow relaxation of the magnetization.
Contact-induced crystallinity for high-performance soluble acene-based transistors and circuits.
By connecting device fabrication to molecular design, it is demonstrated that rapid film processing under ambient room conditions and high performance are not mutually exclusive.
Functionalized pentacene: improved electronic properties from control of solid-state order.
The preparation of two functionalized pentacene derivatives, and the effect of this functionalization on both the solid-state ordering and the electronic properties of the resulting crystals is reported.
Linear coordination of Hg(II) by cysteamine
Combination of the hydrochloride salt of cysteamine (1) with HgCl2 in water affords the unique compound, [Hg{S(CH2)2NH3}2](Cl)2 (2) in which the SHgS angle is nearly linear. The ammonium portion of
Chlorination increases the persistence of semiquinone free radicals derived from polychlorinated biphenyl hydroquinones and quinones.
The synthesis of selected PCB metabolites with differing degrees of chlorination on the oxygenated phenyl ring is described, including chlorinated o-hydroquinones and 6-chloro-biphenyl-3,4-diol, which readily react with oxygen or via comproportionation to yield the corresponding semiquinone free radicals as detected by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy (EPR alias ESR).
Organic field-effect transistors from solution-deposited functionalized acenes with mobilities as high as 1 cm2/V x s.
The device parameters for organic field-effect transistors fabricated from solution-deposited films of functionalized pentacene and anthradithiophenes, which showed behavior strongly dependent on the substituents, are presented.
Framework-catenation isomerism in metal-organic frameworks and its impact on hydrogen uptake.
A strategy to control framework-catenation in MOFs has been presented; contributions to hydrogen uptake from interpenetration and unsaturated metal centers have been resolved.
Macromolecular Cryocrystallography: Cooling, Mounting, Storage and Transportation of Crystals
Simple methods are presented for handling, mounting, storage and transportation of crystals at cryogenic temperatures. They are easy to learn and have a number of technical and operational advantages
Tetracene derivatives as potential red emitters for organic LEDs.
Simple light-emitting diodes fabricated from a series of functionalized tetracene derivatives showed that one of the derivatives did exhibit red electroluminescence.