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Production and utilization of biochar: A review
Abstract Biochar produced during the thermochemical decomposition of biomass not only reduces the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere, but it is also an environment-friendly replacement forExpand
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Effects of cone dimension on cyclone performance
The effects of cone dimension on cyclone performance characteristics were investigated in this study. Collection efficiencies for three cyclones with different cone bottom diameters were measured asExpand
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Distribution and direct radiative forcing of black carbon aerosols over Korean Peninsula
Abstract Regional air quality modelling was used to simulate the distribution of BC aerosol over the Korean Peninsula for four mid-season months of 2009. Compared to ground-based and satelliteExpand
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Wet scrubbing of polydisperse aerosols by freely falling droplets
Abstract In this study, analytical solutions for removal of a polydisperse aerosol by wet scrubbing were derived employing Brownian diffusion and inertial impaction as removal mechanisms. SizeExpand
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The log-normal size distribution theory of brownian aerosol coagulation for the entire particle size range: Part I—analytical solution using the harmonic mean coagulation kernel
Abstract Brownian aerosol coagulation was studied theoretically using the moment method of log-normal size distribution functions. An analytic solution to the size distribution of a coagulatingExpand
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Steam reforming of biomass gasification tar using benzene as a model compound over various Ni supported metal oxide catalysts.
The steam reforming of benzene as a model compound of biomass gasification tar was carried out over various Ni/metal oxide catalysts. The effects of the support, temperature, Ni-precursor, Ni loadingExpand
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Removal of copper(II) in aqueous solution using pyrolytic biochars derived from red macroalga Porphyra tenera
Abstract Steam activation enhanced the copper removal performance of Porphyra tenera-derived biochar significantly by increasing the quantity of exchangeable cations, whereas KOH activation reducedExpand
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Comparison of removal ability of indoor formaldehyde over different materials functionalized with various amine groups
Abstract In this study, a mesoporous material (MCM-41), crystalline microporous zeolite (HY), and amorphous silica (XPO-2412) were functionalized with three kinds of amine groups, namelyExpand
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Brownian coagulation of polydisperse aerosols in the transition regime
Abstract Brownian coagulation of aerosols in the transition regime was studied at Knudsen numbers ranging from 0.8 to 5.5. Coagulation rates were obtained from the change in total numberExpand
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An aerosol model to predict size and structure of soot particles
An aerosol model to simulate soot formation and growth was developed using moving- and fixed-sectional methods. The new model is composed of a set of subroutines that can be easily combined with theExpand
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