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Melatonin and Reproduction Revisited
This brief review summarizes new findings related to the reported beneficial effects of melatonin on reproductive physiology beyond its now well-known role in determining the sexual status in bothExpand
The changing biological roles of melatonin during evolution: from an antioxidant to signals of darkness, sexual selection and fitness
Melatonin is a molecule present in a multitude of taxa and may be ubiquitous in organisms. It has been found in bacteria, unicellular eukaryotes, macroalgae, fungi, plants and animals. A primaryExpand
Protective effect of melatonin against human leukocyte apoptosis induced by intracellular calcium overload: relation with its antioxidant actions
Abstract:  Apoptosis or programmed cell death plays a critical role in both inflammatory and immune responses. Recent evidence demonstrates that control of leukocyte apoptosis is one of the mostExpand
Melatonin induces mitochondrial‐mediated apoptosis in human myeloid HL‐60 cells
Abstract:  The role of melatonin in the mediation of apoptotic events has recently gained attention, especially after recent studies have reported that melatonin exerts antiapoptotic actions inExpand
Significance and application of melatonin in the regulation of brown adipose tissue metabolism: relation to human obesity
A worldwide increase in the incidence of obesity indicates the unsuccessful battle against this disorder. Obesity and the associated health problems urgently require effective strategies ofExpand
Phytomelatonin: a review.
Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) has been detected in a number of plant species. Indeed, there exists evidence that this classically-considered animal indole is actually both synthesized inExpand
Reducing oxidative/nitrosative stress: a newly-discovered genre for melatonin
The discovery of melatonin and its derivatives as antioxidants has stimulated a very large number of studies which have, virtually uniformly, documented the ability of these molecules to detoxifyExpand
Beneficial effects of melatonin in cardiovascular disease
Abstract The experimental data obtained from both human and rodent studies suggest that melatonin may have utility in the treatment of several cardiovascular conditions. In particular, melatonin'sExpand
Melatonin combats molecular terrorism at the mitochondrial level
Melatonin combats molecular terrorism at the mitochondrial level The intracellular environmental is a hostile one. Free radicals and related oxygen and nitrogen-based oxidizing agents persistentlyExpand
Circadian levels of serotonin in plasma and brain after oral administration of tryptophan in rats.
Serotonin, one of the most important neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, is synthesized by the amino acid, tryptophan. Given that this essential amino acid is consumed in the diet, theExpand