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Symbiosis: An Introduction to Biological Associations
The symbiotic phenomenon in the evolutive context getting published as an anti trust lawyer ebook | dr-calorie aliens and space fun coloring dot to dot heeng. Expand
Effective use of marine algal products in the management of plant-parasitic nematodes.
Tomatoes grown in algal-soil mixture produced significantly heavier shoots and roots than plants raised in autoclaved soil, and tomato plant growth was significantly improved by these algae, as well as by Caulerpa prolifera. Expand
The Biology and Pathogenicity of the Awl Nematode, Dolichodorus Heterocefhalus
Females that possessed bluntly rounded tails were proved to be morphologic variants of D. heterocephalus, and hyperplasia and hypertrophy occurred within root galls. Expand
Pythiaceous fungi and plant-parasitic nematodes in California pear orchards: III. Effect of reduction of nematode populations by soil fumigation on subsequent growth of pear seedlings
Reduction of populations of pin nematodes, spiral nematodes, and stunt nematodes in orchard soil by fumigation with ethylene dibromide did not improve the growth of Bartlett or Oriental pearExpand
The Influence of Tylenchus Agricola and Tylenchorhynchus Claytoni On Corn Roots Under Gnotobiotic Conditions
Since the nuclei of cortical cells were affected, and these cells apparently did not serve as feeding sites for the nematodes, it is probable that the stimulus which provoked the host response migrated from cell to cell. Expand