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Phosphorus Sorption and Availability from Biochars and Soil/Biochar Mixtures
In an energy-limited world, biomass may be converted to energy products through pyrolysis. A byproduct of this process is biochar. A better understanding is needed of the sorption characteristics ofExpand
Microbial diversity along a transect of agronomic zones.
Bacterial community structure and diversity from four eastern Washington State soils showed that management and agronomic practices had more impact on bacterial community structure than annual precipitation. Expand
Impact of Fumigants on Soil Microbial Communities
ABSTRACT Agricultural soils are typically fumigated to provide effective control of nematodes, soilborne pathogens, and weeds in preparation for planting of high-value cash crops. The ability of soilExpand
Nitrate sorption and desorption in biochars from fast pyrolysis
Abstract Increasing the nitrate ( NO 3 - ) sorption capacity of Midwestern US soils has the potential to reduce nitrate leaching to ground water and reduce the extent of the hypoxia zone in the GulfExpand
Temperature and moisture effects on fumigant degradation in soil
Recent discovery of the contribution of methyl bromide fumigation to stratospheric ozone depletion has revealed our limited understanding of the environmental processes of fumigants. For instance,Expand
Transformation kinetics and mechanism of the sulfonylurea herbicides pyrazosulfuron ethyl and halosulfuron methyl in aqueous solutions.
The hydrolysis of HM and PE was relatively unaffected by the presence of cyclic oligosaccharides (cyclodextrins), indicating that natural OH-containing organic compounds occurring in aquatic environments may have little impact on the transformation of these sulfonylurea herbicides. Expand
Variation in soil properties and crop yield across an eroded prairie landscape
Intensive tillage moves large quantities of soil, resulting in a pattern of soil redistribution where topsoil is depleted from convex slope positions and deposited in concave positions. In theseExpand
Using pennycress, camelina, and canola cash cover crops to provision pollinators
Of the three winter industrial oilseed crops grown in Morris, Minnesota, and Brookings, South Dakota, during the winters of 2012–2013 and 2013–2014, winter camelina provided the highest combined agroecosystem value through pollinator resources, green cover, and seed yields. Expand
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
Presence and Biotransformation of three Heteroaromatic Compounds Compared to an Aromatic Hydrocarbon J. Hellou , J. Leonard , J. Meade , S. Sharpe , J. Banoub , S. Papiernik , L. Eglinton & J. WhelanExpand
Molecular characterization of biochars and their influence on microbiological properties of soil.
Investigating the effect of different biomass conversion processes on the composition and surface chemistry of biochar materials produced from corn stover, switchgrass, and Ponderosa pine wood residue showed that biochar had negative effects on microbial activity and some enzymes including β-glucosidase and protease. Expand