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Structural determinants of fluoride and formate binding to hemoglobin and myoglobin: crystallographic and 1H-NMR relaxometric study.
A strong solvent proton relaxation enhancement is observed for the fluoride derivatives of hemoproteins containing HisE7 and only a small outer-sphere contribution to the solvent relaxation rate has been observed for all of the formate derivatives considered and for the A. limacina Mb:fluoride derivative.
NMR Evidence of a Long Exchange Lifetime for the Coordinated Water in Ln(III)-Bis(methyl amide)-DTPA Complexes (Ln = Gd, Dy)
The water proton longitudinal relaxation rate for Gd-BMA-DTPA was studied at various temperatures and under varied magnetic fields. It was found that a correlation exists between the residence
NMR relaxometric studies of water accessibility to haem cavity in horse heart and sperm whale myoglobin
The measurement of longitudinal relaxation rates of water protons in solutions containing horse heart and sperm whale metmyoglobins at various pH values and temperatures shows that the two species
Relaxometric Determination of the Exchange Rate of the Coordinated Water Protons in a Neutral GdIII Chelate
The exchange rate of the coordinated water molecule in the neutral complex [Gd(DTPA-BBA)(H2O)] (DTPA-BBA = 1,7-bis[(N-benzylcarbamoyl)methyl]-1,4,7-triazaheptane-1,4,7-triacetate or
Azide, cyanide, fluoride, imidazole and pyridine binding to ferric and ferrous native horse heart cytochrome c and to its carboxymethylated derivative: a comparative study.
The results here reported suggest an interplay between redox, structural, ligand binding, and recognition properties of cytochrome c.
Stabilization of the T-state of ferrous human adult and fetal hemoglobin by Ln(III) complexes: a thermodynamic study.
Results represent a clear cut evidence for the specific binding of Gd-DOTP and La-DotP to the 2,3-D-glycerate bisphosphate (BPG) pocket of HbA and HbF, the physiological modulator of human Hb action.
Non-ionic Ln(III) chelates as MRI contrast agents: Synthesis, characterisation and 1H NMR relaxometric investigations of bis(benzylamide)diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid Lu(III) and Gd(III)
Abstract The syntheses of the ligand bis(benzylamide)diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (BBA-DTPA) and its Gd(III) and Lu(III) complexes are reported. The solid state structure of Lu(III) BBA-DTPA
NMR Relaxometric Investigation on Human Methemoglobin and Fluoromethemoglobin. An Improved Quantitative in Vitro Assay of Human Methemoglobin
The proposed method is based on transforming methemoglobin into the corresponding fluoromethemoglobin derivative, which shows both a higher relaxivity and a negligible dependence on temperature and has been found to be in good agreement with data from spectrophotometric assays.
Metal complexes as allosteric effectors of human hemoglobin: an NMR study of the interaction of the gadolinium(III) bis(m-boroxyphenylamide)diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid complex with human
It is suggested that the interaction between the lanthanide complex and deoxygenated, oxygenated, and aquo-met derivatives of human adult hemoglobin takes place at the 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate (DPG) binding site, through the formation of N-->B coordinative bonds at His143beta and His2beta residues of different beta-chains.