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The dual isotopes of deep nitrate as a constraint on the cycle and budget of oceanic fixed nitrogen
We compare the output of an 18-box geochemical model of the ocean with measurements to investigate the controls on both the mean values and variation of nitrate d 15 N and d 18 O in the oceanExpand
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Air‐sea CO2 fluxes along the coast of Chile: From CO2 outgassing in central northern upwelling waters to CO2 uptake in southern Patagonian fjords
[1] Carbon system parameters measured during several expeditions along the coast of Chile (23°S–56°S) have been used to show the main spatial and temporal trends of air-sea CO2 fluxes in the coastalExpand
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A single-cell sequencing approach to the classification of large, vacuolated sulfur bacteria.
The colorless, large sulfur bacteria are well known because of their intriguing appearance, size and abundance in sulfidic settings. Expand
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The role of fungi in processing marine organic matter in the upwelling ecosystem off Chile
In a study that spanned from March 2007 through November 2009, we report high fungal biomass and over 90% of extracellular enzymatic activity occurring in the size classes dominated by fungi duringExpand
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Oceanography of the Chilean Patagonia
Abstract Chilean Patagonia is one of the most extended fjord regions in the world that covers nearly 240,000 km 2 with an extremely complex coastline and topography in one of the least denselyExpand
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Two Chemically Distinct Pools of Organic Nitrogen Accumulate in the Ocean
The chemical dynamics of marine dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), a reservoir featuring surface accumulations even in areas where nitrogen limits productivity, have yet to be resolved. We exploitedExpand
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Copepod egg production in Long Island Sound, USA, as a function of the chemical composition of seston
The effect of the chemical composition of seston on the egg-production rates (E,: eggs female-' d') of the copepods Acartia hudsonica Pinhey and Ternora longicornis (Muller) was studied in LongExpand
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Geochemistry of surface sediments from the fjords of Northern Chilean Patagonia (44–47°S): Spatial variability and implications for paleoclimate reconstructions
Abstract The Patagonian fjords have a clear potential to provide high-resolution sedimentary and geochemical records of past climate and environmental change in the Southern Andes. To improve ourExpand
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Melting glacier impacts community structure of Bacteria, Archaea and Fungi in a Chilean Patagonia fjord.
Jorge Montt glacier, located in the Patagonian Ice Fields, has undergone an unprecedented retreat during the past century. To study the impact of the meltwater discharge on the microbial community ofExpand
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First record of flamentous fungi in the coastal upwelling ecosystem off central Chile
Este estudio reporta por primera vez la presencia de hongos flamentosos en la columna de agua y sedimentos del ecosistema de surgencia costero de Chile central. La deteccion de hongos fue realizadaExpand
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