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Worldwide diversity of hair curliness: a new method of assessment
Background  For many years, cosmetic scientists have attempted to measure the physical features of human hair, such as its shape and colour, as these can be artificially modified using cosmeticExpand
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Greying of the human hair: a worldwide survey, revisiting the ‘50’ rule of thumb
Summary Background  While numerous papers have reported on the biological mechanisms of human hair pigmentation and greying, epidemiological descriptions of both natural hair colour and the greyingExpand
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Diversity in human hair growth, diameter, colour and shape. An in vivo study on young adults from 24 different ethnic groups observed in the five continents
BackgroundBased on previous findings, from a worldwide study, classified the shapes of human hair into 8 major types, from straight to highly curly. This clearly extended the usual classification ofExpand
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Age‐dependent changes in eumelanin composition in hairs of various ethnic origins
Hair pigmentation is one of the most conspicuous phenotypes of humans. From a chemical point of view, however, data remain scarce regarding human hair pigmentation characteristics. To determineExpand
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Immunohistochemical Patterns in the Interfollicular Caucasian Scalps: Influences of Age, Gender, and Alopecia
Skin ageing and gender influences on the scalp have been seldom studied. We revisited the changes in the interfollicular scalp. The study was performed on a population of 650 volunteers (300 womenExpand
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Functional and structural age-related changes in the scalp skin of Caucasian women.
BACKGROUND Ageing of the skin, being chronological or sun induced is highly documented. Scalp, as a specific skin site, has, however, received little attention. This work attempted to describeExpand
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What is a Caucasian ‘fine’ hair? Comparing instrumental measurements, self‐perceptions and assessments from hair experts
To determine the various factors contributing to what Caucasian women describe as ‘fine hair'.
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Exploring some characteristics (density, anagen ratio, growth rate) of human body hairs. Variations with skin sites, gender and ethnics
To determine, in vivo, the density, growth rate and percentage of anagen phase follicles of body hairs present on five different skin sites (axilla, cheek, chin, leg, upper‐lip) of women and men fromExpand
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The diversity of the human hair colour assessed by visual scales and instrumental measurements. A worldwide survey
To study (i) the diversity of the natural colour of the human hair through both visual assessment of hair tone levels and colorimetric measurements of hair strands collected from 2057 human male andExpand
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The worldwide diversity of scalp seborrhoea, as daily experienced by seven human ethnic groups
The re‐greasing process and kinetics of the human scalp, post‐shampooing, have been previously documented, in vivo, on a few Caucasian subjects. The objective of the presented research was to extendExpand
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