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Stone‐tool usage by Thai long‐tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis)
In January and March of 2005, we conducted surveys of long‐tailed macaques at Piak Nam Yai Island, Laem Son National Park (9° N 34–35′, 98° E 28′), Ranong Province, situated in southern Thailand. TwoExpand
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Systematic relationships of Oriental tiny frogs of the family Microhylidae (Amphibia, Anura) as revealed by mtDNA genealogy.
We estimated the genealogical relationships and assessed systematic relationships among 45 out of 89 named species and four unnamed taxa from 11 of 14 genera of the Oriental microhylids from 1767 bpExpand
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The new family Diapheridae, a new species of Diaphera Albers from Thailand, and the position of the Diapheridae within a molecular phylogeny of the Streptaxoidea (Pulmonata: Stylommatophora)
The Streptaxoidea are an ancient and species diverse group that is poorly understood. Examination of the reproductive anatomy of Diaphera showed it to be notably distinct from that of most otherExpand
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Phylogenetic and taxonomic relationships of the Polypedates leucomystax complex (Amphibia)
Kuraishi, N., Matsui, M., Hamidy, A., Belabut, D. M., Ahmad, N., Panha, S., Sudin, A., Yong, H. S., Jiang, J.‐P., Ota, H., Thong, H. T. & Nishikawa, K. (2012). Phylogenetic and taxonomicExpand
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Evolution of whole-body enantiomorphy in the tree snail genus Amphidromus
Diverse animals exhibit left–right asymmetry in development. However, no example of dimorphism for the left–right polarity of development (whole‐body enantiomorphy) is known to persist within naturalExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships, taxonomy, character evolution and biogeography of the lacertid lizards of the genus Takydromus (Reptilia: Squamata): a molecular perspective
Historical relationships were inferred for the oriental lizards of the genus Takydromus Daudin 1802 (Lacertidae) on the basis of DNA sequences. Of the 17 species currently recognized for the genus,Expand
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Molecular Evidence for Cryptic Speciation in the Cyclophorus fulguratus (Pfeiffer, 1854) Species Complex (Caenogastropoda: Cyclophoridae) with Description of New Species
A high degree of intraspecific variation, both genetic and in shell morphology, of the operculate land snail Cyclophorus fulguratus (Pfeiffer, 1854) suggests that its classification as a singleExpand
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Taxonomic review of the tree snail amphidromus albers, 1850 (Pulmonata: Camaenidae) in Thailand and adjacent areas : Subgenus Amphidromus
Extensive series of Amphidromus Albers, 1850 were collected from low-altitude areas (30-500 m above sea level) in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia between 1993 and 2004. Data onExpand
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The taxonomy of southeast Asian gastrocoptine pupillid micro land snails is based almost entirely on shell morphological characters, with an emphasis on apertural barriers. We aimed to test theExpand
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