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Impact of cadmium and lead on Catharanthus roseus--a phytoremediation study.
A stunted growth with reduced leaf area, reduced biomass and sterility were recorded after six months, while plants show normal growth and flowering in case of PbCl2 treatment, while total alkaloid was also found to be decreased in the roots of CdCl2 treated plants.
Transition to Adulthood for Youth with Disability: Issues for the Disabled Child and Family
“Transitioning is a time of change... Youth face many changes and challenges as they move into adulthood, and for those who have been involved in various social welfare systems, these changes can be
Impact of Oviposition Deterrent Effect of Catharanthus Roseus and Ocimum Sanctum on Adult Females of Spodoptera Litura
Oviposition deterrent effect of Catharanthus roseus and Ocimum sanctum was evaluated in choice and no-choice situations on adult females of Spodoptera litura and results indicate that leaf extracts of the plants show varying degree of oviposition deterrence activity.
Genetics of Biochemical and physiological parameters responsible for powdery mildew disease resistance in Mungbean
High heritability coupled with high genetic advance observed for total phenols, total sugar, total potassium and rate of transpiration indicating major role of additive genetic variance in powdery mildew resistant genotypes.