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Care of sick children by parents: a meaningful role.
  • S. Palmer
  • Medicine
  • Journal of advanced nursing
  • 1 February 1993
Expectations of the parental role in hospital need to be identified and expressed from both the parents and staff to establish an understanding that will ultimately be best for the child. Expand
AIDS as an apocalyptic metaphor in North America
AIDS as metaphor
tions in American mainstream religion, particularly those related to what we have known as the Protestant ethic, or what Robert Bellah has called "utilitarian individualism." The need for questioningExpand
Women's "Cocoon Work" in New Religious Movements: Sexual Experimentation and Feminine Rites of Passage
On the basis of research into alternative women's roles in eight new religious movements, this study addresses conflicting views concerning the relationship between gender role ambiguities andExpand
Therapy, Charisma and Social Control in the Rajneesh Movement
Throughout the history of an NRM remarkable for its social experiments and its ritual, sexual, and economic innovations, therapy has played a prominent role. On the basis of data collected throughExpand
Charisma and Abdication: A Study of the Leadership of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
This study attempts to apply Roy Wallis 'model of a charismatic leader's four responses to institutionalization to the career of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, founder of a new religious movement. AfterExpand
Coping with Apocalypse in Canada: Experiences of Endtime in la Mission de l'Esprit Saint and the Institute of Applied Metaphysics*
This investigation of millenarian activity in two Quebec NRMs addresses the question of why one group failed but the other thrived on the experience of "prophetic failure. " Within the framework ofExpand