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Trabecular bone remodeling after seven days of weightlessness exposure (BIOCOSMOS 1667).
Seven male rats were exposed to 7 days of weightlessness in the Soviet mission COSMOS 1667 and compared with seven control rats by bone histomorphometric methods. In proximal tibial metaphysis, theExpand
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Physical exercise during remobilization restores a normal bone trabecular network after tail suspension‐induced osteopenia in young rats
To determine how bone recovers from immobilization‐induced bone loss and to specify whether its recovering capacity is improved by physical exercise, 5‐week‐old male Wistar rats (287.07 g ± 10.65 SD)Expand
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Bone embedding in pure methyl methacrylate at low temperature preserves enzyme activities.
Pure Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), a widely used embedding medium for undecalcified bone studies, was polymerized at low temperature (4 degrees C). MMA was prepared by a new purification procedureExpand
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Direct contact of platelets and their released products exert different effects on human dendritic cell maturation
BackgroundDendritic cells (DCs) are antigen presenting cells capable of inducing innate and adaptive immune responses. According to the stimulus and their maturation state, DCs induce immunogenic orExpand
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Effects of physical training on bone adaptation in three zones of the rat tibia
This study has been conducted to examine the effects of physical exercise on the bone trabecular network and the cellular adaptations in three different areas of a single bone, the tibia. Male WistarExpand
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Adverse effects of strenuous exercise: a densitometric and histomorphometric study in the rat.
To investigate the manner in which cancellous bone in different skeletal sites and within a bone site adapts to strenuous training, 5-wk-old male rats were subjected to intensive treadmill runningExpand
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Selective transmigration of monocyte-associated HIV-1 across a human cervical monolayer and its modulation by seminal plasma
Objective:To analyse the transmigration of immune cells infected by HIV-1 across the epithelial monolayer using the endometrial human endometrial carcinoma (HEC)-1A cell line and to study theExpand
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Histomorphometric analyses of cancellous bone from COSMOS 2044 rats.
The influence of 14 days of spaceflight on cancellous bone of male Wistar rats was assessed by histomorphometric analysis. In proximal tibia, no difference was found between flight, synchronous,Expand
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Effects of a bisphosphonate (1-hydroxy ethylidene-1,1 bisphosphonic acid) on osteoclast number during prolonged bed rest in healthy humans.
Acute osteoporosis is known to occur after immobilization in spinal cord injured patients and is related to an early increase in osteoclastic bone resorption. Whether osteoporosis develops in healthyExpand
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Characterisation of electrochemical immunosensor for detection of viable not-culturable forms of Legionella pneumophila in water samples
Legionella pneumophila may cause a fatal pneumonia in humans known as Legionnaires’ disease (LD). The strategies of L. pneumophila to adapt to and resist stressful environmental conditions includeExpand
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