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Europe's Second Markets for Small Companies
European stock exchanges have repeatedly opened second markets to list small companies. We explain the motivation for the creation of these second markets, and the reasons why many of them haveExpand
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The Provision of Finance to Innovation: A Survey Conducted among Italian Technology-based Small Firms
Financial constraints to the development of innovation are often considered one of the main impediments to high-technology firms seeking to expand and grow. In particular this is the case of smallExpand
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The M&A dynamics of European science-based entrepreneurial firms
This paper investigates the dynamics of a sample of 131 science-based entrepreneurial firms (SBEFs), selected out of 500 innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that went public in Europe inExpand
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Why do higher education institutions internationalize? An investigation of the multilevel determinants of internationalization rationales
In recent decades internationalization has risen to prominence in higher education institutions (HEIs). Scholars have identified several rationales for internationalization. There is however a lackExpand
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Connectivity of the European airport network: “Self-help hubbing” and business implications
This paper investigates the connectivity of the European air transportation network. Expand
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Valuing University–Based Firms: The Effects of Academic Affiliation on IPO Performance
This paper investigates for the first time the valuation of university–based companies and their ability to translate the potential benefits of academic affiliation into long–term performance gains.Expand
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De-hubbing of airports and their recovery patterns
The paper analyzes cases of de-hubbing in air transport between 1997 and 2009. It initially addresses the conditions to be met for airports to be identified as de-hubbing cases. Second, it examinesExpand
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The Market Performance of Italian IPOs in the Long-Run
In most industrialized countries IPOs seem to underperform both the market and portfolios of comparable firms in the long-run, despite the initial underpricing. The reason of this phenomenon are notExpand
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The Operating Performance of Initial Public Offerings: The UK Experience
We study the post-issue operating performance of UK Initial Public Offerings. Using several measures, we find that the performance of firms going public on the Official List deterioratesExpand
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European connectivity: the role played by small airports
Abstract The objective of this work is to evaluate the role played by small airports in European connectivity. In particular, we aim to estimate the connectivity loss for the population caused by theExpand
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