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Dynamic optimization of batch processes: II. Role of measurements in handling uncertainty
A novel optimization approach for batch processes is proposed, where optimality is achieved by tracking the necessary conditions of optimality that remain valid also in the presence of uncertainty. Expand
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Dynamic optimization of batch processes: I. Characterization of the nominal solution
This paper starts with a brief overview of the analytical and numerical tools that are available to analyze and compute the optimal solution. Expand
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A feedback-based implementation scheme for batch process optimization
The terminal-cost optimization of a control–affine nonlinear system leads to a discontinuous solution that can be characterized in a piecewise manner. To implement such an optimal trajectory despiteExpand
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Robust nonlinear state feedback under structured uncertainty
Mise en place d'un systeme de commande qui permet d'obtenir des limites superieures de la modelisation de l'erreur pour les processus non lineaires, et de concevoir une loi de retroaction quiExpand
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Silver nanoparticles protect human keratinocytes against UVB radiation-induced DNA damage and apoptosis: potential for prevention of skin carcinogenesis.
  • S. Arora, N. Tyagi, +9 authors S. Singh
  • Medicine, Materials Science
  • Nanomedicine : nanotechnology, biology, and…
  • 1 July 2015
UNLABELLED Ultraviolet (UV)-B radiation from the sun is an established etiological cause of skin cancer, which afflicts more than a million lives each year in the United States alone. Here, we testedExpand
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Dynamic Optimization of Batch Processes : II . Handling Uncertainty Using Measurements
The main bottleneck in using optimization in industry is the way uncertainty is handled, which forms the subject of this series of two papers. The first part dealt with the characterization of theExpand
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On-line optimization of batch processes in the presence of measurable disturbances
Feedforward/state feedback laws are developed for on-line optimization of batch reactors in the presence of measurable disturbances. The degrees of singularity with respect to manipulated input andExpand
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Analysis of heptane autothermal reformer to generate hydrogen for fuel cell applications
In this paper, reaction engineering principles are utilized to analyze process conditions for producing sufficient hydrogen in a heptane autothermal reformer for generating 1 kW of power in a fuelExpand
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nature of the feedback law (static or dynamic) are completely characterized in terms of the Lie bracket structure of the system dynamics. Explicit synthesis formulae for the state feedback laws areExpand
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