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Investigation on Sliding Wear Behaviour and Mechanical Properties of Jatropha Oil Cake-Filled Glass-Epoxy Composites
The effect of Jatropha oil cake (JOC) filler incorporation into glass fabric-epoxy (G-E) composites and its sliding wear and mechanical properties were evaluated. The sliding distance and appliedExpand
Abrasive wear behaviour of hard powders filled glass fabric–epoxy hybrid composites
Abstract The effect of incorporation of tungsten carbide (WC) and tantalum niobium carbide (Ta/NbC) powders on three-body abrasive wear behaviour in glass fabric–epoxy (G–E) composites wasExpand
Investigation on Two-Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Silicon Carbide Filled Glass Fabric-Epoxy Composites
The effect of silicon carbide (SiC) particulate fillers incorporation on two-body abrasive wear behaviour of Glass Fabric - Epoxy (GE) composites was investigated and findings are analysed. TheExpand
Mechanical property study on C90300 copper composites reinforced with rare earth oxide
Abstract The copper alloys with conventional grain structure and size are soft materials with relatively low yield strength. The strength of copper based CMCs increases with the reinforcementExpand
The role of synthetic and natural fillers on three‐body abrasive wear behaviour of glass fabric–epoxy hybrid composites
Polymer matrix composites are a promising candidate in tribological applications due to possibility of tailoring their properties with special fillers. The comparative performance of Glass–EpoxyExpand
The Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Incorporation of Cerium Oxide to AA2219 Through Liquid Forging Technique
In this study, an attempt is made to prepare aluminum metal matrix composites of AA2219 with varying reinforcement of weight percentages of cerium oxide ( X  = 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, and 2%) by liquidExpand
The development of surface modified bipolar graphite electrode for electrowinning ofAlkali and alkaline earth metals
Alkali and alkaline earth metals like sodium, magnesium etc. are produced most effectively by molten salt electrolysis. The bipolar technology is proved to be energy efficient and an easy method toExpand
Effect of Lanthanum Addition on Grain Refinement and Mechanical Properties of Mg–9Li–3Al Alloy
Abstract The impact of lanthanum addition on the microstructural changes and mechanical characteristics of Mg–9Li–3Al + xLa alloys are studied. The alloys are fabricated through a liquid metallurgyExpand
Slurry Erosion Behavior of Cast 25 Cr Austenitic-Ferritic Steel with Niobium Addition for Subsea Pipelines
Austenitic-ferritic steel, as suggested by its name, has an equal fraction of austenite and ferrite phases, also known as duplex stainless steels (DSS), are one of the highly used materials forExpand