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Towards integral utilization of grape pomace from winemaking process: A review.
Grape is the main fruit crop in several countries. Although many grape-based food products can be found in the market, studies have shown that around 75% of the world grape production is destined forExpand
Quality evaluation of grape juice concentrated by reverse osmosis
Abstract The objective of this work was to evaluate the concentration of grape juice by reverse osmosis (RO). Preliminarily, a factorial design was carried out in which the independent variables wereExpand
Hydrolytic enzyme production in solid-state fermentation by Aspergillus niger 3T5B8
Abstract A mixture containing polygalacturonase, cellulase, xylanase and protease enzymes was produced using Aspergillus niger 3T5B8 on different agroindustrial residues by solid-state fermentationExpand
Microwave activation of enzymatic catalysts for biodiesel production
The enzymatic microwave assisted biodiesel synthesis from macauba (Acrocomia aculeata) oil and ethanol using Novozyme 435 and Lipozyme IM was studied using statistically designed experiments. TheExpand
A route to produce renewable diesel from algae: Synthesis and characterization of biodiesel via in situ transesterification of Chlorella alga and its catalytic deoxygenation to renewable diesel
Abstract In situ transesterification of Chlorella alga was performed using 5–20 wt% sulfuric acid as a catalyst at either 60 or 100 °C. The maximum ester yield in the range of 96–98% is comparativeExpand
Antioxidant capacity is a surrogate measure of the quality and stability of vegetable oils
Total antioxidant capacity (TAC) may be a comprehensive oil quality index because of its potential association with chemical composition, oxidative stability, and fresh oil quality. We aimed toExpand
Grape seed pomace as a valuable source of antioxidant fibers.
BACKGROUND Grape seed pomace is a valuable by-product from winery/oil extraction industries and a potential source of bioactive compounds. Hot water extraction is the most widely used technology forExpand
Rheological behaviour of processed avocado pulp emulsions
Shear rate vs. shear stress data were obtained on avocado pulp in water emulsions using a concentric cylinder rheometer and fitted to a power law model. Dilution, as volume fraction of water, had aExpand
Effects of encapsulating agents on anthocyanin retention in pomegranate powder obtained by the spray drying process
Abstract The present work evaluates the effect of different encapsulating agents (gum Arabic, modified starch Capsul™ and maltodextrin DE 5) on anthocyanin retention in microcapsules produced byExpand
Oxidative stability and sensory evaluation of microencapsulated flaxseed oil
Abstract Cold pressed flaxseed oil was microencapsulated by spray drying using an emulsion containing modified starch. The fatty acid composition, moisture, water activity, wettability, water holdingExpand