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Total RNA isolation from stallion sperm and testis biopsies.
Sperm mRNA transcriptional profiles can be used to evaluate male fertility, yet differences between species in sperm attributes and packaging require adjustments in sperm RNA isolation protocols. TheExpand
Assessment of human sperm function after hydrogen peroxide exposure. development of a vaginal contraceptive.
The reactive oxygen species (ROS) that is most damaging to human spermatozoa is hydrogen peroxide. Using an artificial medium Ham's F-10, we have evaluated the effect of different concentrations ofExpand
A short-term evaluation of semen and accessory sex gland function in phase III trial subjects receiving intravasal contraceptive RISUG.
Following the intravasal injection of a new male contraceptive RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) in volunteers, routine semen analysis, semen biochemistry and germ cell morphologyExpand
H2O2 at physiological concentrations modulates Leydig cell function inducing oxidative stress and apoptosis
H2O2 is one of the active reactive oxygen species secreted by macrophages that are seen closely aligned with Leydig cells in the testicular interstitium. The present study was initiated toExpand
Use of hydrogen peroxide to assess the sperm susceptibility to oxidative stress in subjects presenting a normal semen profile.
Human sperm susceptibility to oxidative stress is vital as it affects various characteristics of sperm function. In the present study, we report a simple, sensitive and quick method of assessing theExpand
Global Reprogramming of Host Kinase Signaling in Response to Fungal Infection.
Cryptococcus neoformans (Cn) is a deadly fungal pathogen whose intracellular lifestyle is important for virulence. Host mechanisms controlling fungal phagocytosis and replication remain obscure.Expand
Integration of signaling and cytoskeletal remodeling by Nck in directional cell migration
Planar and apical-basal cellular polarization of epithelia and endothelia are crucial during morphogenesis. The establishment of these distinct polarity states and their transitions are regulated byExpand
Nck enables directional cell migration through the coordination of polarized membrane protrusion with adhesion dynamics
Summary Directional migration requires the coordination of cytoskeletal changes essential for cell polarization and adhesion turnover. Extracellular signals that alter tyrosine phosphorylation driveExpand
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-PEST and β8 Integrin Regulate Spatiotemporal Patterns of RhoGDI1 Activation in Migrating Cells
ABSTRACT Directional cell motility is essential for normal development and physiology, although how motile cells spatiotemporally activate signaling events remains largely unknown. Here, we haveExpand
Development of a rapid, sensitive, and reproducible laboratory test kit for the assessment of plasma membrane integrity of human sperm.
OBJECTIVE To develop a rapid, sensitive, and reproducible hypoosmotic swelling test kit for the assessment of plasma membrane integrity of human sperm in vitro. DESIGN Prospective comparison ofExpand