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First toxin profile of ciguateric fish in Madeira Arquipelago (Europe).
Analysis of fish samples from Madeira Arquipelago confirmed the presence of ciguatera fish poisoning toxins known as ciguatoxins (CTXs) for the first time in fish from this genus. Expand
Determination of toxicity equivalent factors for paralytic shellfish toxins by electrophysiological measurements in cultured neurons.
The potency of the commercial PSP toxin standards is evaluated for their ability to inhibit voltage-dependent sodium currents in cultured neuronal cells by electrophysiological measurements and correlated well with their previously reported toxicity values. Expand
Effect of gambierol and its tetracyclic and heptacyclic analogues in cultured cerebellar neurons: a structure-activity relationships study.
The results presented in this work support an identical mechanism of action for gambierol and its tetracyclic and heptacyClic analogues and indicate a "loss of function" effect on potassium channels even after administration of the three compounds at subnanomolar concentrations. Expand
Calcium oscillations induced by gambierol in cerebellar granule cells
The results presented here indicate that gambierol‐induced oscillations in cerebellar neurons are most likely secondary to a blocking action of the toxin on voltage‐dependent potassium channels and hyperpolarization of sodium current activation. Expand
A comparative study of the effect of ciguatoxins on voltage-dependent Na+ and K+ channels in cerebellar neurons.
The results presented here constitute the first comparison of the potencies of three different purified ciguatoxins on sodium and potassium channels in the same neuronal preparation and indicate that electrophysiological recordings from cultured cerebellar neurons may provide a valuable tool to detect and quantify cigu atoxins in the very low nanomolar range. Expand