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Evidence that the prevalence of childhood overweight is plateauing: data from nine countries.
Until quite recently, there has been a widespread belief in the popular media and scientific literature that the prevalence of childhood obesity is rapidly increasing. However, high quality evidenceExpand
Profiles of Organic Food Consumers in a Large Sample of French Adults: Results from the Nutrinet-Santé Cohort Study
Background Lifestyle, dietary patterns and nutritional status of organic food consumers have rarely been described, while interest for a sustainable diet is markedly increasing. Methods ConsumerExpand
Importance and consumer perception of freshness of apples
Abstract The present investigation aimed at elucidating the importance of freshness for the consumer and its relationship to sensory and non-sensory properties of apples. A questionnaire wasExpand
Dietary patterns and their sociodemographic and behavioural correlates in French middle-aged adults from the SU.VI.MAX cohort
Background/Objectives:Few studies have investigated dietary patterns among French adults. We aimed to identify dietary patterns and their relation with nutrient intakes, sociodemographic, lifestyleExpand
Dairy consumption and 6-y changes in body weight and waist circumference in middle-aged French adults.
BACKGROUND Some studies have shown an inverse relation between calcium intake and body weight or fat mass. OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the relations of dairy consumption and calcium intakeExpand
Dietary patterns and blood pressure change over 5-y follow-up in the SU.VI.MAX cohort.
BACKGROUND Although short-term effects of the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet on blood pressure have been shown in intervention studies, less is known about the long-term effects.Expand
Impact of Different Front-of-Pack Nutrition Labels on Consumer Purchasing Intentions: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
INTRODUCTION Despite growing evidence supporting the utility of front-of-pack nutrition labels in enabling consumer evaluation of food product healthiness, research on food choices is scarce. ThisExpand
Cross-cultural validity of the Intuitive Eating Scale-2. Psychometric evaluation in a sample of the general French population
Intuitive eating is an adaptive dietary behavior that emphasizes eating in response to physiological hunger and satiety cues. The Intuitive Eating Scale-2 (IES-2) measures such attitudes andExpand
Influence of environmental factors on food intake and choice of beverage during meals in teenagers: a laboratory study
Environmental conditions influence meal size in adults and children. Intake of sweet drinks could contribute significantly to energy intake and potentially affect body weight, particularly in youngExpand
Validation of the FSA nutrient profiling system dietary index in French adults—findings from SUVIMAX study
AbstractPurposePopulation-wide nutritional recommendations give guidance on food groups’ consumption, though a wide variability in nutritional quality within groups may subsist. Nutrient profilingExpand