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There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra
A review of There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra by Chinua Achebe (London: Penguin Book, 2012. 352 pp., ISBN: 978-0143124030) by Samuel Oyewole (Samueloyewole47@yahoo.co.uk), Instructor,Expand
Boko Haram: Insurgency and the War against Terrorism in the Lake Chad Region
The Boko Haram insurgency has emerged as one of the greatest threats to human security in Africa, and the Lake Chad region in particular. This is a region with a total area of 427,500 km, whichExpand
Space Research and Development in Africa
ABSTRACT Africa is advancing in research and development (R&D) in space with a growing investment in satellites for communications and Earth observations, astronomical observatories, space launchExpand
Boko Haram and the challenges of Nigeria's war on terror
Boko Haram terrorism has been recognized by Nigerian President Jonathan as the most threatening and complex security issue in Nigeria since independence. In response, the Federal Government ofExpand
Triploidy induction in Heterobranchus longifilis (Family: Clariidae) by cold shock
Triploid was induced in African Catfish by cold shocking activated eggs at 5 degree C for forty minutes starting 3-4 minutes after fertilization and confirmed from mitotic chromosomes prepared from embryo which showed 100% triploidy in the cold shocking treatment and 100% diploidY in the control treatment. Expand
Global Democratisation and Capitalism: Discovering the Third World States in the Era of Limited State and Unlimited Quest
The complexity of democratisation has mystified the reality of the Third World States (TWS) democracy. Accountability inherent in market democracy is dual and the compliance of government in thisExpand
Suppressing maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: the prospects and challenges of the regional players
ABSTRACT The Gulf of Guinea (GoG) has emerged as the new hotspot of piracy and armed robbery against ships. This development is coming after a similar threat is declining off the East coast ofExpand
Militarisation of Oil and Environmental Politics in Nigeria: Armed Resistance, State Responses and Peace Prospects in the Niger Delta Region
The contradictions inherent in interests of stakeholders in oil politics have escalated to armed confrontations in the oil-producing Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Years of unrealised developmentExpand