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Globoidnan A: a lignan from Eucalyptus globoidea inhibits HIV integrase.
An HTS campaign aimed at the identification of inhibitors of HIV integrase showed that the methanol extract from the buds of a Eucalyptus globoidea was active. Bioassay guided fractionation of thisExpand
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Sesquiterpene benzoxazoles and sesquiterpene quinones from the marine sponge Dactylospongia elegans.
A new sesquiterpene benzoxazole, nakijinol B (3), its acetylated derivative, nakijinol B diacetate (6), and two new sesquiterpene quinones, smenospongines B (4) and C (5), were isolated from theExpand
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Detailed NMR, Including 1,1-ADEQUATE, and Anticancer Studies of Compounds from the Echinoderm Colobometra perspinosa
From the dichloromethane/methanol extract of the crinoid Colobometra perspinosa, collected south east of Richards Island (Bedara), Family Islands, Central Great Barrier Reef, Australia,Expand
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Metachromins U-W: cytotoxic merosesquiterpenoids from an Australian specimen of the sponge Thorecta reticulata.
Three new merosesquiterpenoids, metachromins U, V, and W (1-3), were isolated from a specimen of the marine sponge Thorecta reticulata collected off Hunter Island, Tasmania, Australia. Structures ofExpand
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Comosusols A-D and comosone A: cytotoxic compounds from the brown alga Sporochnus comosus.
Bioassay-guided fractionation of extracts of the brown alga Sporochnus comosus led to the isolation of five new compounds, comosusols A-D (3-6) and comosone A (7). The structures of all isolatedExpand
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A diketopiperazine dimer from a marine-derived isolate of Aspergillus niger.
The new diketopiperazine dimer 1, as well as the known compounds TMC-256A1 (2), TMC-256C1 (3), and demethylkotanin (4), were isolated from a culture of Aspergillus niger. The gross structure of 1 wasExpand
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Spermine alkaloids from Albizia adinocephala with activity against Plasmodium falciparum plasmepsin II.
Crude MeOH extracts from the stem bark and leaves of a Panamanian specimen of Albizia adinocephala (Leguminosae) were found to inhibit the malarial enzyme plasmepsin II. Bioassay guided fractionationExpand
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Physaloside A, an acylated sucrose ester from Physalis viscosa.
Chemical investigations of the crude MeOH extract of Physalis viscosa led to the identification of the novel acylated sucrose ester physaloside A (1). The structure of 1 was determined by 2D NMRExpand
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De novo sequencing of RCB-1 to -3: peptide biomarkers from the castor bean plant Ricinus communis.
Ricinus communis (also know as the castor bean plant) whose forbears escaped from suburban gardens or commercial cultivation grow wild in many countries. In temperate and tropical climates seeds willExpand
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