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Effects of prosocial video games on prosocial behavior.
Previous research has documented that playing violent video games has various negative effects on social behavior in that it causes an increase in aggressive behavior and a decrease in prosocialExpand
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How to ameliorate negative effects of violent video games on cooperation: Play it cooperatively in a team
The present research tests the idea that playing a team-player video game in which players work together as teammates and assist each other in achieving a common goal ameliorates the negative effects of violent video game play on cooperative behavior. Expand
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Playing Prosocial Video Games Increases the Accessibility of Prosocial Thoughts
ABSTRACT Past research has provided abundant evidence that playing violent video games increases aggressive tendencies. In contrast, evidence on possible positive effects of video game exposure onExpand
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Playing prosocial video games increases empathy and decreases schadenfreude.
Past research provided abundant evidence that exposure to violent video games increases aggressive tendencies and decreases prosocial tendencies. In contrast, research on the effects of exposure toExpand
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Prosocial video games reduce aggressive cognitions
Previous research has shown that playing violent video games increased aggressive tendencies. However, as pointed out by the General Learning Model (GLM) [Buckley, K. E., & Anderson, C. A. (2006). AExpand
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What is moral courage? Definition, explication, and classification of a complex construct.
Consider the following two instances of prosocial behavior. The first took place in Munich, Germany, January 13, 2001: About 20 Nazi skinheads harassed a young Greek and started to beat him up in aExpand
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Civil courage: Implicit theories, related concepts, and measurement
Civil courage is defined as brave behavior accompanied by anger and indignation that intends to enforce societal and ethical norms without considering one's own social costs. It is argued that civilExpand
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Terror salience and punishment: Does terror salience induce threat to social order?
In recent times, international terrorism has become one of the most serious concerns of the modern Western world. As a consequence, the risk and fear of terrorism is more salient in people’s mindsExpand
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Moral prototypes and moral behavior: Specific effects on emotional precursors of moral behavior and on moral behavior by the activation of moral prototypes
The present studies investigated the extent to which three basic moral prototypes, “just,” “brave”, and “caring”, are related to moral, prosocial behavior. In five studies, we tested (a) whetherExpand
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A bad memory
A 32-year-old male presented to the emergency department at midnight on a Sunday because of acute onset of chest pain. He had carried a piano from one room to another earlier that day. The onset ofExpand