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Winds from the North: Tewa Origins and Historical Anthropology
The abandonment of Mesa Verde and the formation of the Rio Grande Pueblos represent two classic events in North American prehistory. Yet, despite a century of research, no consensus has been reachedExpand
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Historical ecology in the Mesa Verde region: results from the village ecodynamics project
Using the occupation histories of 3,176 habitation sites, new estimates of maize-agriculture productivity, and an analysis of over 1,700 construction timbers, we examine the historical ecology ofExpand
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The Pre-History of Urban Scaling
Cities are increasingly the fundamental socio-economic units of human societies worldwide, but we still lack a unified characterization of urbanization that captures the social processes realized byExpand
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Modelling prehispanic Pueblo societies in their ecosystems
We review a suite of agent-based models developed by the Village Ecodynamics Project (VEP) to study ecological, economic, social, and political processes among prehispanic Puebloan (“Anasazi”)Expand
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A systematic method for estimating the populations of Greek and Roman settlements
The last few years have seen a growing interest in the urbanism of the Greek and Roman world. This has led to a consensus of sorts about some of its vital statistics, such as the sizes of theExpand
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Settlement scaling and increasing returns in an ancient society
Ancient Mesoamerican settlements obey the same scaling laws as modern cities despite vast differences in economy, technology and political organization. A key property of modern cities is increasingExpand
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Conceptual metaphor in the archaeological record : Methods and an example from the American Southwest
This paper attempts to unify recent theorizing on cultural meaning in material culture using the notion of conceptual metaphor. Research in several disciplines suggests that conventional metaphoricalExpand
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The consequences of climate change vary over space and time. Effective studies of human responses to climatically induced environmental change must therefore sample the environmental diversityExpand
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Empirical Bayesian methods for archaeological survey data: an application from the Mesa Verde region
Cultural resource databases represent the single largest compilations of archaeological site data, but these databases are seldom used in research because they were designed for management purposes,Expand
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