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Optical Path Cross-Connect System Scale Evaluation Using Path Accommodation Design for Restricted Wavelength Multiplexing
Novel OP accommodation design algorithms that can heuristically establish wavelength paths or virtual wavelength paths (VWPs) in the network, where each link is composed of multiple fibers are proposed.
Optical path cross-connect node architectures for photonic transport network
This paper explores the optical path cross-connect (OPXC) node architectures that are essential components of the optical path network. Optical path technologies will play a key role in the
Network performance and integrity enhancement with optical path layer technologies
The optical path layer concept proposed exploits and consolidates the layered transport network architecture and optical technologies, and will open up new opportunities for creating a B-ISDN that is bandwidth abundant and has a high degree of integrity.
GMPLS-based photonic multilayer router (Hikari router) architecture: an overview of traffic engineering and signaling technology
A heuristics-based multilayer topology design scheme that uses IP traffic measurements in a generalized multi-protocol label switch (GMPLS) that yields the optical label switch path (OLSP) network topology, that is, OLSP placement, that minimizes network cost in response to fluctuations in IP traffic demand.
Route partitioning scheme for elastic optical networks with hitless defragmentation
A route partitioning scheme for hitless defragmentation using the first-last fit allocation to increase the possibilities of lightpath retuning by avoiding the retuning interference among lightpaths and proves that the route partitions problem is non-deterministic polynomial-time hard (NP-hard).
GMPLS-enabled, energy-efficient, self-organized network: MiDORi
A network using minimum set of nodes and links that all communication data traffics among nodes can be carried while meeting the QoS requirements named MiDORi (Multi- (layer, path, and resources)
A High-Speed Routing Engine for Software Defined Network
A high-speed routing engine for improve the scalability of OpenFlow controller that using on-chip diorama network as a virtual emulated network in a chip is proposed.
Distributed virtual network topology control mechanism in GMPLS-based multiregion networks
A simple heuristic algorithm for calculating the VNT for distributed control is developed and a generalized multiprotocol label switching (GMPLS)-based routing protocol has been developed.
HOLST: Architecture design of energy-efficient data center network based on ultra High-speed Optical Switch
Several ideas on how to connect PLZT optical switches and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) optical switches, the composing modules of the HOLST, are proposed to design network architecture and evaluated in order to compare and consider power saving effect.