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Tidal-Scale Hydrodynamics within Mangrove Swamps
Both the drag force and the horizontal eddy viscosity play a dominant role in the tidal-scale hydrodynamics in mangrove wetlands. Using field observations and basic fluid mechanics laws, the dragExpand
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Design and synthesis of coumarin-based Zn(2+) probes for ratiometric fluorescence imaging.
The physiological roles of free Zn(2+) have attracted great attention. To clarify those roles, there has been a need for ratiometric fluorescent Zn(2+) probes for practical use. We report theExpand
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Mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite-reinforced gelatin as a model system of bone.
The elastic Young's modulus of hydroxyapatite-reinforced gelatin as a mechanical model system of bone was measured as a function of the volume fraction of hydroxyapatite, phi h. Initially, theExpand
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Conformational analysis of single perfluoroalkyl chains by single-molecule real-time transmission electron microscopic imaging.
Whereas a statistical average of molecular ensembles has been the conventional source of information on molecular structures, atomic resolution movies of single organic molecules obtained byExpand
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Magnetic nanosensors optimized for rapid and reversible self-assembly.
Magnetic nanoparticle-based sensors for MRI have been accelerated to a timescale of seconds using densely-functionalized particles of small size. Parameters that increase response rates also resultExpand
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Atomistic structures and dynamics of prenucleation clusters in MOF-2 and MOF-5 syntheses
Chemical reactions in solution almost always take place via a series of minute intermediates that are often in rapid equilibrium with each other, and hence hardly characterizable at the level ofExpand
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Direct Microscopic Analysis of Individual C60 Dimerization Events: Kinetics and Mechanisms.
Modern transition state theory states that the statistical behavior of a chemical reaction is the sum of individual chemical events that occur randomly. Statistical analysis of each event forExpand
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Liquid Marbles in Nature: Craft of Aphids for Survival.
Some aphids that live in the leaf galls of the host plant are known to fabricate liquid marbles consisting of honeydew and wax particles as an inner liquid and a stabilizer, respectively. In thisExpand
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Molecular structure and photochromic properties of 1,3-dimethylindoline-3,3′-alkano-2-spiro-2′-(6′-nitro)benzopyrans
Abstract Photochromic properties of spiroindolinobenzopyrans in which a –(CH 2 ) 3 – or –(CH 2 ) 5 – moiety links the 3-position of indoline and the 3′-position of benzopyran have been studied. InExpand
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