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The Meaning in Life Questionnaire: Assessing the Presence of and Search for Meaning in Life
Counseling psychologists often work with clients to increase their well-being as well as to decrease their distress. One important aspect of well-being, highlighted particularly in humanisticExpand
New Well-being Measures: Short Scales to Assess Flourishing and Positive and Negative Feelings
Measures of well-being were created to assess psychological flourishing and feelings—positive feelings, negative feelings, and the difference between the two. The scales were evaluated in a sample ofExpand
Personality, culture, and subjective well-being: emotional and cognitive evaluations of life.
Subjective well-being (SWB), people's emotional and cognitive evaluations of their lives, includes what lay people call happiness, peace, fulfillment, and life satisfaction. Personality dispositionsExpand
The Shifting Basis of Life Satisfaction Judgments Across Cultures: Emotions Versus Norms
The relative importance of emotions versus normative beliefs for life satisfaction judgments was compared among individualist and collectivist nations in 2 large sets of international data (in total,Expand
New Measures of Well-Being
We present new measures of well-being to assess the following concepts: 1. Psychological Well-Being (PWB); 2. Positive Feelings, Negative Feelings, and the balance between the two (SPANE-P, N, B);Expand
Cross-Cultural Variations in Predictors of Life Satisfaction: Perspectives from Needs and Values
The authors tested for cross-cultural difference in predictors of life satisfaction. In Study 1 (39 nations, N = 54,446), they found that financial satisfaction was more strongly associated with lifeExpand
Recent Findings on Subjective Well-Being
A two-piece cover cap for an aerosol container, wherein the pieces present a unitary appearance, but permit of and require deliberate relative rotation to open and thereby prevent accidental opening by children. Expand
Meaning in life across the life span: Levels and correlates of meaning in life from emerging adulthood to older adulthood
Meaning in life is thought to be important to well-being throughout the human life span. We assessed the structure, levels, and correlates of the presence of meaning in life, and the search forExpand