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A bHLH transcription factor, DvIVS, is involved in regulation of anthocyanin synthesis in dahlia (Dahlia variabilis)
Dahlias (Dahlia variabilis) exhibit a wide range of flower colours because of accumulation of anthocyanin and other flavonoids in their ray florets. Two lateral mutants were used that spontaneouslyExpand
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Endogenous post-transcriptional gene silencing of flavone synthase resulting in high accumulation of anthocyanins in black dahlia cultivars
Black color in flowers is a highly attractive trait in the floricultural industry, but its underlying mechanisms are largely unknown. This study was performed to identify the bases of the highExpand
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Cutting Leaves and Plant Growth Regulator Application Enhance Somaclonal Variation Induced by Transposition of VGs1 of Saintpaulia
For determination of the endogenous and exogenous causes of somaclonal variation in in vitro culture, a bioassay system was developed using the variegated Saintpaulia (African violet) ‘Thamires’Expand
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Simultaneous post-transcriptional gene silencing of two different chalcone synthase genes resulting in pure white flowers in the octoploid dahlia
Garden dahlias (Dahlia variabilis) are autoallooctoploids with redundant genes producing wide color variations in flowers. There are no pure white dahlia cultivars, despite its long breeding history.Expand
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Post-transcriptional silencing of chalcone synthase is involved in phenotypic lability in petals and leaves of bicolor dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) ‘Yuino’
AbstractMain conclusionPost-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS) of a chalcone synthase (DvCHS2) occurred in the white part of bicolor petals and flavonoid-poor leaves; however, it did not in redExpand
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Phosphorus starvation induces post-transcriptional CHS gene silencing in Petunia corolla
Key messageThe corolla ofPetunia‘Magic Samba’ exhibits unstable anthocyanin expression depending on its phosphorus content. Phosphorus deficiency enhanced post-transcriptional gene silencingExpand
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A basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor DvIVS determines flower color intensity in cyanic dahlia cultivars
The study was aimed to identify the factors that regulate the intensity of flower color in cyanic dahlia (Dahlia variabilis), using fifteen cultivars with different color intensities in their petals.Expand
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Quantitative Evaluation of the Contribution of Four Major Anthocyanins to Black Flower Coloring of Dahlia Petals
Anthocyanins to Black Flower Coloring of Dahlia Petals Author(s) Deguchi, Ayumi; Tatsuzawa, Fumi; Hosokawa, Munetaka; Doi, Motoaki; Ohno, Sho Citation The Horticulture Journal (2016), 85(4): 340-350Expand
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Petal Color Is Associated with Leaf Flavonoid Accumulation in a Labile Bicolor Flowering Dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) ‘Yuino’
Bicolor flowering dahlias generally produce inflorescences with bicolor petals characterized by a colored basal part and a white tip; however, they frequently produce single-colored petals. ThisExpand
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Identification of Flavonoids in Leaves of a Labile Bicolor Flowering Dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) ‘Yuino’
Bicolor flowering dahlias are a group of cultivars that produce inflorescences with bicolored petals characterized by a colored basal part and a white tip. However, they frequently produceExpand
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