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Metabolism of trichloroethylene.
The general features of trichloroethylene metabolism in vitro were demonstrated by the conversion of trICHloroethyleme to the three metabolites by the 700 g supernatant fraction of rat liver in 2 hr. Expand
Expression of modified human cytochrome P450 3A4 in Escherichia coli and purification and reconstitution of the enzyme.
These procedures provide a relatively convenient and reliable means of producing, purifying, and reconstituting a catalytically active and useful derivative of P450 3A4, a human P450 enzyme that has many roles in the oxidation of drugs and other xenobiotic chemicals. Expand
Characterization of cytochrome P-450 2B6 in human liver microsomes.
A cytochrome P-450 (P-450) enzyme of the CYP2B subfamily was partially purified from human liver microsomes and characterized with respect to immunochemical properties, N-terminal amino acidExpand
Expression of modified human cytochrome P450 1A1 in Escherichia coli: effects of 5' substitution, stabilization, purification, spectral characterization, and catalytic properties.
The successful expression and purification of human P450 1A1 should increase the availability of this enzyme and the generation of antibodies for further biochemical and other biological studies. Expand
A detoxication route for acetaldehyde: metabolism of diacetyl, acetoin, and 2,3-butanediol in liver homogenate and perfused liver of rats.
The metabolism of diacetyl, acetoin, and 2,3-butanediol, which are metabolites of acetaldehyde, were quantitatively investigated using rat liver homogenate, liver perfusion, and in vivo experiments, indicating that the reduction reaction to 2, 3- butanediol from di acetyl occurs actively in rat liver. Expand
Effects of age on levels of cysteine, glutathione and related enzyme activities in livers of mice and rats and an attempt to replenish hepatic glutathione level of mouse with cysteine derivatives
In rats, the hepatic levels of cysteine, cystine, GSH and GSSG exhibited no statistically significant change during aging to 30 month and as the rats matured, total hepatic activities of both cystathionine gamma-lyase and beta-synthase increased with maximum levels at 24 months of age and decreased to the same level found in 5 week old. Expand
Studies on NADPH-dependent chloral hydrate reducing enzymes in rat liver cytosol.
An examination of over thirty substrates revealed that both enzymes catalyzed the reduction of long-chain aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic aldehydes as well as halogenated acetaldehyde, indicating that it was identical to the aldehyde reductase recently reported by other workers. Expand
Concentrations ofd-lactate and its related metabolic intermediates in liver, blood, and muscle of diabetic and starved rats
Diabetic and starved rats had significantly higher levels ofd-lactate in plasma, liver, and skeletal muscle compared with the control group, while MG level was significantly elevated in plasma and depressed in livers and muscles of starved rats as well as livers of diabetic rats. Expand
Determination of Glutathione and Glutathione Disulfide in Biological Samples Using Acrylonitrile as a Thiol-Blocking Reagent
Biological samples containing glutathione (GSH) and glutathione disulfide (GSSG) were deproteinized by HClO 4 or metaphosphoric acid in the presence of bathophenanthroline disulfate. The totalExpand
S-(1,2-Dicarboxyethyl)glutathione and S-(1,2-Dicarboxyethyl)L-cysteine in Lens
S-(1,2-dicarboxyethyl)-glutathione and S-cysteine were determined in lenses of several vertebrates and in rat lens during cataract formation by galactose by high performance liquid chromatography after reaction with 2,4-dinitrofluorobenzene. Expand