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Effective Action in Quantum Gravity
Elements of quantum field theory: The basic models of quantum field theory Effective action in quantum field theory Quantum field theory in curved space-time and effective action: The renormalizationExpand
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Zeta Regularization Techniques with Applications
Part 1 The Riemann Zeta function: Riemann, Hurwitz, Epstein, Selberg and related zeta functions analytic continuation - practical uses for series summation asymptotic expansion of "zeta". Part 2Expand
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We review various modified gravities considered as gravitational alternative for dark energy. Specifically, we consider the versions of f(R), f(G) or f(R, G) gravity, model with non-linearExpand
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Properties of singularities in the (phantom) dark energy universe
The properties of future singularities are investigated in the universe dominated by dark energy including the phantom-type fluid. We classify the finite-time singularities into four classes andExpand
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Unified cosmic history in modified gravity: From F ( R ) theory to Lorentz non-invariant models
Classical generalization of general relativity is considered as gravitational alternative for unified description of the early-time inflation with late-time cosmic acceleration. The structure andExpand
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Modified gravity with negative and positive powers of the curvature: Unification of the inflation and of the cosmic acceleration
The modified gravity, which eliminates the need for dark energy and which seems to be stable, is considered. The terms with positive powers of the curvature support the inflationary epoch while theExpand
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On the Conformal Anomaly from Higher Derivative Gravity in AdS/CFT Correspondence
We follow Witten's proposal1 in the calculation of conformal anomaly from (d + 1)-dimensional higher derivative gravity via AdS/CFT correspondence. It is assumed that some d-dimensional conformalExpand
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Unifying inflation with ΛCDM epoch in modified f(R) gravity consistent with Solar System tests
We suggest two realistic f(R) and one F(G) modified gravities which are consistent with local tests and cosmological bounds. The typical property of such theories is the presence of the effectiveExpand
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Inhomogeneous equation of state of the universe: Phantom era, future singularity and crossing the phantom barrier
The dark energy universe equation of state (EOS) with inhomogeneous, Hubble parameter dependent term is considered. The motivation to introduce such a term comes from time-dependent viscosityExpand
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Modified gravity and its reconstruction from the universe expansion history
We develop the reconstruction program for the number of modified gravities: scalar-tensor theory, f(R), F(G) and string-inspired, scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity. The known (classical) universe expansionExpand
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